November 1991

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Robert F. McNamara's account of the Henry Rifle #2780 owned by Civil War soldier Edmund O'Dwyer begins this issue. In this first installment of his account, Rev. McNamara writes about O'Dwyer's family and life up to his enlistment in the Irish Brigade. Rev. McNamara is a descendant of Edmund's brother Thomas Dwyer who was a prominent groceryman in Corning.

Alfred Hilbert gives recognition to the thanks we owe the American Indians for the many food plants they gave us. This article is taken from Mr. Hilbert's lecture "Our Indian Heritage." Chick Hilbert, who died this year on September 2, lived many years in Elmira. He often spoke to groups about the Indians of our area. More stories from his talks will appear in future issues.

Frank Swann presents the reminiscences of John McMath who was until 1932 in the grape business on Keuka Lake succeeding his father Samuel McMath. This series was supplied by Yates County Historian Virginia Gibbs. On the back page is a picture of a grape box label used by the McMath company. The picture is from a label in the private collection of Steuben County Historian Richard Sherer.

Bill Treichler offers a tribute to Wayne Town historian Don Rowland and the many local history interests he pursues. Don through his family—his brother, his father, and his mother's father—had many early practical experiences that enabled him to follow various vocations and gave him the enthusiasm to continue finding and carrying out new projects.

Robert Koch continues his review of early publications in Rochester—this time from 1834 to 1860. Professor Koch broadcasts on radio station WXXI-FM three times a week. On Tuesday mornings at 7:45 and on Thursday mornings at 7:15 he conducts arts and cultural interviews, and on Saturday mornings at 9:30 he presents history pieces.

Ed Harris describes several incidents in Rochester and his experiences working on the construction of the Syracuse Army Air Base. Ed Harris lives in Rochester.

Our chapter from Caroline Kirkland's A New Home this month is titled Democratic Vistas. In it, she tells of Mr. Sibthorpe encountering a bristly independent inn keeper with moral contradictions.

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