September 1988

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Issue number 6 features on its center pages the Benjamin Patterson Inn Museum in Corning, New York. Information for the article came from the Andaste Inquirer, a periodical published by the Corning Painted Post Historical Society and from visits to the museum.

Beginning on page 1 and continuing is John Rezelman's article "The Apples of Steuben." One of John's pen drawings illustrates an early use for apples, fattening pigs. He also supplied the old picture of apples piled near the Cohocton vinegar works.


The October issue, number 7, will feature Orson Fowler who was born in Cohocton. He wrote books about phrenology, lectured on self-improvement, and promoted octagon houses. Fowler was always interested in new ideas for human betterment. He supported women's causes, and was a friend of many of the leading personalities of his time. One biographer likened him to Benjamin Franklin for his breadth of interests and populariztion of new ideas.

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