August 1990

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Peter Henderson's Gardening Calendar


from Gardening for Profit, 1866

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AUGUST—Except the months of January and February, August is a month requiring less labor in the market garden than any other; usually all the planting has been done in July, and the long drouths common at this season, stagnate the growth of even our most luxuriant weeds, so that in this month, of all others, the garden ought to be clean.

Late plantings of Celery may be made, to the middle of the month, and still make fair-sized roots for winter. Spinach may also be sown for an early crop, to be cut off in fall. Ruta Baga Turnips should be sown early in the month, and the white and yellow varieties during the later part. If the fly attacks them, it may be kept down, so as to do but little harm, by frequent applications of lime, dusted lightly over the rows. Bush Beans and Peas, may still be sown for late crops. The onion crop will ripen off during this month, and when convenient to market, should be offered for sale as soon as gathered, as the price received for those first sold, is frequently double that of those coming in ten days later.

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