August 1990

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with Louise Stillman's article about the original Schuyler County Clerk's office building. It is one of a trio of matched Greek-style buildings, all built with brick, that are at the center of the Montour Falls Historic District. Mrs. Stillman is the person who has done the most to achieve for these buildings the architectural and historic recognition they deserve.

Ralph Wilkes tells about the house at 48 West Lake Road in Branchport, New York, built by Dr. James Cadmus Wightman around 1870, and now his and his wife's home. It is a unique house that reflects the romantic and yet practical nature of its builder and the thoughtfulness and care of its present owners. Ralph Wilkes was, until he retired some years ago, business manager and treasurer of Keuka College. His hobby is woodworking, and he specializes in furniture design and the reproduction and restoration of antiques. He is the writer of "how-to" articles on woodworking for several national circulation magazines.

the third installment on the Penn Yan Waterfront from the Keuka Outlet series by Frances Dumas with the illustrations and maps by her sister Patricia Rios.

Two episodes from Edwin N. Harris' Harpending's Corners appear in this issue. They are stories about the regular hired men on Will and Dolly Simmons' farm near Dundee, New York, in the early 1930s.

more from Samuel Hammond's book, Country Margins and Rambles of a Journalist, that was published in 1855. This piece starts with Hammond's remarks about Penn Yan, and then moves up the lake, "that beautiful sheet of water", to scenes of his boyhood at Hammondsport. Both Leonard P. Wood and Richard Shearer supplied the text for this reprinting.

another chapter from Caroline Kirkland's 1839 A New Home. You can read in this of Mrs. Campaspe Nippers and the Montacute Female Beneficent Society.

Peter Henderson's recommendations to gardeners for August.

If you like gardening lore, you will find lots of information in John Baer's Sons Almanac of 1991, now in its 166th year, just out and available for $3.00 postpaid ($7.00 for 3 copies postpaid) from John Baer's Sons, Box 328, Lancaster, PA, 17603. Baer's quarterly Garden Newsletter is $4.00 .

Next Issue

The September issue will feature stories of early school days.

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