November 1989

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

John Rezelman leads off this issue with an article about the McCormick grain reaper and particularly the one Otis and Marjorie Edsall purchased in 1925 that is now on display in its shed next to the Starr Barn at The Benjamin Patterson Inn Museum on Pulteney Street in Corning, New York. The picture of this reaper was taken by Jean Rezelman. It is being drawn by Keith Talbot's pair of fine mules. Mr. Talbot is driving the team and operating the machine in a luxuriant field of oats on Jim and Barbara Stewart's farm between Bath and Kanona along Route 415.

Also in this issue is an article about a unique memento made by two women who lived in Tyrone, New York, in 1852. It is a collection of 79 hand-braided coils of human hair each about an inch and one half in diameter. Nearly all are pairs of wreaths of the hair of husbands and wives with their names penned underneath. All of them are mounted on a flat card with tiny bows. The card is in a picture frame with glass protecting the display. Probably it was hung on a parlor wall for all to see.

Frances Dumas' history of the Dresden Milling Complex is the eighth of her series about the mills along the Keuka Lake Outlet.

Shirley McNulty continues her reminiscences of her childhood on Bluff Point near Kinney's Corners with an article about preparing for winter on the Bluff.

Marie B. Cornell tells of a one-day excursion she went on in 1912. Her accompanying picture was taken the same year but on an outing at Lake Salubria close to Bath.

Edwin Harris continues this month with stories of his brother Lauren Harris and his closest friend from childhood days, Charley Hill.

Following is another chapter from Peter Henderson's book and two chapters from Caroline Kirkland's A New Home which begin a four-chapter story within the book.

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