June 1989

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Adam Haverling

and Zenas L. Parker

Incidents in the Lives of Two Men
Who Lived Long Ago in Bath, New York


Mrs. Marie B. Cornell

Adam Haverling removed from Pennsylvania to Bath in 1809 and lived there until his death in 1890. He once drove a two-horse carriage on a journey to New Jersey where he observed the fine schools in that area. Upon his return home he sponsored such a school. He gave the land for the site of the new buildings. It became known as Haverling Academy. Today it is the Haverling Central School.

Zenas L. Parker was another early comer to Bath. He was called "Professor Parker." In my time, when I was a pupil in the 9th and 10th grades, 1909-1911, at the Campbell Union School both pupils and parents called the principal "Professor" or "Prof." It did not mean that he had received a degree although he might have.

Many years prior to my time Professor Parker was head of an elementary school in the early village of Corning. The school building was small. It stood on trhe south side of what is now First Street, up some distance on the side of the hill where Court House Park is today. The village had not yet been united with the village of Knoxville which stood opposite on the north side of the Chemung River. (On March 20, 1890, Governor David B. Hill, an Elmiran, signed into law a bill creating the city of Corning including the incorporated village of Corning and the unincorporated village of Knoxville with a total population of 8583.)

By 1893 Professor Parker had served a period of time as principal of Haverling Academy in Bath. He was known locally as a writer of poetry. In June, 1893, he comtributed to the centennial celebration a twenty-page poem, not divided into stanzas, a rhyming account of men of Bath and their accomplishments from April 1793, to June, 1893.

A copy of this poem may be found on pages 75 - 95 in The Bath Centennial, 1893, Nora Hull, Editor.

(Mrs. Cornell wrote the introduction to the 1975 republication of Guy H. McMaster's History of the Settlement of Steuben County, N.Y. She also planned the front and back of the title page of that . She is remembered fondly in many of the articles written by her grandson, Thomas Cornell.
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