March 1989

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with an article by Frances Dumas on the historical background of the area around the stream that flows from Crooked Lake into Seneca Lake and the development of this locality into an industrial center during of the last century and the early part of this century.

The falls along the stream were an attraction to the earliest settlers. They diverted part of the flow to run over waterwheels that would turn millstones to grind flour from their grain or run saws to cut from logs the lumber for constructing their houses and mill buildings. Eventually all of the available water power along the eight mile outlet from the inexhaustible millpond, Crooked Lake, above it was harnessed.

Fran Dumas has written a series of articles on the millsites and mills, the canal, the railroad, and the lake waterfronts that developed along the outlet. She has also written for hikers an illustrated guide to the Outlet Trail. This first article is taken from The Outlet Trail written by Frances Dumas and illustrated by Patricia Rios. It is available from the Yates County Historian, 110 Court Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527. In coming issues the series on the trail sites will be reprinted.

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