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June 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

JUNE 1844

1 Saturday
Dus, Hough & all boys in corn, this morning the horses were missing & we look for them. I left home 3 o’clock PM went to Sams then across to Abm Depews & so home a foot — Father went up & found them in the Barrett job. Sam & Lidy here all night.

2 Sabbath
I went down with CSY to see Doc McGreggor but he was gone then went up to see Tim Jaynes he was gone to L. Drews meeting. We went & heard Mr Gillette the famous Millerite. He is a small round & slender man with a portly smooth look. His discourse was made up of saying & expressions many of them very good but many of them that illy become a pulpit — The tone accent and many of the sayings very like an auction pedlar — instance “Many would spend the mornings of their life tugging at the cart rope of hell & then when about to die would insult Almighty God by throwing the last miserable nasty dirty stinking wick of the existence into his face.” He spoke of being raised on a sea of glass while the earth was to be purified by fire & said that the signs which were to precede the second coming of Christ as being all past & that now the great event so long looked for by many was expected daily & would come ere long.

3 Monday
Began to shear sheep, Hough helped. Cleaned the barn & got to shearing about noon.

4 Tuesday
Hough, Philips, Wm Jay & Ed Angel ( in forenoon ) helped us shear. Dus drawing wood on hill. McBurney left.

5 Wednesday
Hough, Philips, Isaac Cook & Jay (½ forenoon) helped shear. Dus drawing wood — All poor shearers but Isaac, he shears well.

6 Thursday
Geo M. Stone, Isaac Cook — Hough & Philip helped shear. We finished all but 21. Dus in corn.

7 Friday
Tom & I finished shearing and put up the wool, 633 fleeces. Philips & Dus in corn on flat & afternoon all hands. Mr Jones of Massachusetts here to buy our wool.

8 Saturday
Hough & all hands finished all the corn. Sold our wool to Jones for 4/ cents & he is to give father a suit of broad cloth = to another cent but that is wholly gift. I went to H.P. to Demo meeting to raise funds to get papers. We got some $12 subscribed & $8½ paid in. Domenick Curry pedlar here.

9 Sabbath
At home all day — cool.

10 Monday
Tom began to plow buckwheat ground. Dusin, boys & I worked in nursery in forenoon. Afternoon Dusin in the potatoes — Father & I at Bath.

11 Tuesday
All hands on road on the hill. Hough yesterday & today — finished out our road tax. Dus at work for himself. Frost.

12 Wednesday
Father, Ed & I marked 450 sheep with tar. Tom, Dusin & CSY plowing buckwheat ground. I took 50 sheep to the Wheeler field.

13 Thursday
Father, Ed & I marked & trimmed the ewes & lambs & burned Barretts job. Boys plowing. Dry weather.

14 Friday
Boys plowing, I in potatoes — Burned Houghs job E. of summer follow — warm.

15 Saturday
Boys finished breaking the buckwheat ground & began to cross, I finished plowing potatoes & went to H.P. Quick chopping on side hill — warm & dry.

16 Sabbath
Warm & dry — Wm Randell here.

17 Monday
Father & I drew dung from hog pen into cabbage yard. A little rain, in afternoon began the ox shed. Boys at buckwheat ground.

18 Tuesday
Rainy in morning. Set out cabbage plants & Hough setting his tobacco in afternoon went to help Amos Stone move barn. Father went down & got some salt. Boys at buckwheat ground.

19 Wednesday
I surveyed roads in Wayne. Boys finished crossing buckwheat ground. Heavy shower & hard blow. Last night Layton & Rose found a drowned man in the lake while they were fishing & this morning they went down & got him, a coroners inquest was held. It proved to be the body of John Early a man of some 50 years, he left H.P. Saturday night for Pulteney & it is supposed got lost in the woods & finally got into the lake by accident. He was found by Cogswell point — This three inquests within a year in H.P.

20 Thursday
Tom & I began to hoe the corn beyond the barn. Dus & CYE sowing & harrowing the buckwheat. Abel Patchin & A.C. Younglove came here.

21 Friday
I plow’d the rest of the corn in the forenoon, Hough & Philips helped hoe. I went to H.P. with ACY & Patchin in afternoon.

22 Saturday
Dus & Tom hoed in forenoon & rain in the afternoon. C.Y.E. finished harrowing buckwheat at noon, I went up with Patchin & got a buck for him to take to Michigan. Dus lost ½ day going to H.P. Cool — slow rain.

23 Sunday
ACY & Patchin started home & Julia & Ed went with them – cool – Jn Randel & F.J.Kingsley here.

24 Monday
I worked in nursery & went to H.P. Tom & CYE hoeing nursery. Dus drawing wood.

25 Tuesday
Mass meeting at Bath. Tom finished nursery. Dus Drawing wood – Asan Eddy & wife here also A. Gaylord & wife. CST[Y?] & Frank Baker went to Wayne to survey. Warm. Julia home.

26 Wednesday
I sent C.Y.E over & got F. Larrows compass & CSY & I went in afternoon to Gorham to survey & divide the Estate of A. Younglove deceased. Boys at work on summer follow.

27, 28 & 29 At work at the surveying of the estate — I broke the glass of F.L.’s compass & had to go to Penn Yan to get one put in — The Com. are Judge Lumis, Esq. Post & Blodgett — Deroy Luther, Clark Elmore & Abl Patchen are there attending to it — We came home after 3 o’clcok Saturday & found it very dry here although there has been an abundance of rain there on the 27 & 28 — The boys have been hoeing corn etc.

30 Sabbath
At home all day — very dry & hot weather. John McBurney came here just night.


1 Monday
Rainy, a fine shower and cleared off about 10 o’clock. At 2 P.M. McBurney & Julia Ann were married by Mr. Spaulding. Nobody here but Sam & his wife & Mr & Mrs Spaulding except our folks — In afternoon McB & wife & self & wife went to Bath — very warm.

2 Tuesday
McB & Julia started for Avon via of Ontario — CSY & I started for Ontario to finish up the surveying, finished & came home the 5th. The weather is really cold & unpleasant but continues very dry.

6 Saturday
I went down in morning & got a waggon tire set then Matilda, Myra & I went to Reading — very hot & dry.

7 Sabbath
Went to hear Elder Sheardown preach then came home. Found C. Younglove there from Gorham after me again to make an alteration.

8 Monday
Started at 4 o’clock to go out there — got there before noon, done but little that day.

9 Tuesday
Finished up & came home & found our folks began haying today.

10 Wednesday
Self, Tom, Hough & etc at hay — began in upper meadow — grass light.

11 Thursday
At the hay — Father took the ewes from Gilletts to Brushes.

12 Friday
Again at the hay.

13 Saturday
Finished the upper meadow & began in the clover meadow — very warm.

14 Sabbath
Raked & put up 30 cocks of hay & rested after that.

15 Monday
Prospect of rain. Mowing. Dusin began again, had been gone since the 2nd. Father & I went up & took the ewes from Brushes to our own pasture.

16 Tuesday
Rained all night last night & today is raining finely — in afternoon we finished cutting the brush on the lower part of bush field.

17 Wednesday
All hands at hay, the weather fine & settled, raked & cocked the clover meadow in afternoon.

18 Thursday
All at hay, drawing in & raking. Put up 400 cocks in lower meadow.

19 Friday
At the hay, our best until 3 o’clock when it rained then mowing. Dus cutting oats, got sick about 3 o’clock & went home — warm & dry.

20 Saturday
Showery in forenoon, done nothing at hay all day. Tom cut the barley. Father & I took the bucks off & put them alone. Clear off not much rain.

21 Sabbath
Ellen was quite sick last night & today sick about noon sent for Doc McGreggor — a kind of bowel complaint.

22 Monday
Ellen yet very sick no better — All hands at hay except Quick. He cutting spring wheat in hill orchard. Wm Sprague began for a month.

23 Tuesday
Ellen still grew worse until a few minutes before 7 o’clock P.M. She took a lasting departure — She died as calmly & as quietly as she had lived. Myra quite unwell with the same complaint. A smart shower just before sunset.

24 Wednesday
Attended to Ellens funeral. Old Mr. Smith officiated as Mr Spaulding was gone. Ellen was a smart promising babe equal & very much like Emma — They looked & were as much alike as any pair of twins I ever saw but the pair is broken & one is now gone forever, we feel deeply the loss & have the sympathies of our friends — the disease was a kind of summer complaint or Colera Infantine. Myra has been quite unwell through the day but appears better tonight. The men have been at work in the hay mowing almost all day — dull lowry day.

25 Thursday
Rainy forenoon & in afternoon Quick, Dus, Sprague & I work on the follow — a fine rain. Myra better.

26 Friday
Dull & lowry but put up some hay, finished mowing at home. Quick & Sprague began to cut wheat.

27 Saturday
Quick, Sprague, Dus & I worked in wheat in forenoon & Dus & Sprague took up the barley in afternoon. Finished cocking the hay at home. McBurney & Julia Ann come home.

28 Sabbath
Dus, Wm Rowley & G.M.Stone helped us draw hay, got in 13 loads.

29 Monday
All hands on hill harvesting but Tom & Isaac — they finished drawing hay at home. Julia Ann & McBurney round calling.

30 Tuesday
Tom & Ike drew in spring wheat & oats from hill orchard & then joined us on hill in the harvest. S. Arnold here.

31 Wednesday
Rained last night. Jn, Ike did not come. H. Quick in afternoon cut wheat.


1 Thursday
Began to mow at Dus., Quick & Dus in wheat. Last night we had the most continous blaze & the thunder a continued roar. The rain fell in sheets — wet enough.

2 Friday
All hands in hay, got in 10 loads — good weather. Satattira Spaulding & her two oldest boys came here.

3 Saturday
Tom, Quick & I drew wheat — secured 170 doz. The rest worked in the hay. J. McBurney came back tonight — rainy night.

4 Sabbath
I went down & heard Mr. Powers at 5 o’clock.

5 Monday
All hands on hill at work in hay & drawing in wheat — 198 doz today. CSY & Matilda went to Reading with Sattira Spaulding. J. McBurney went home.

6 Tuesday
Rain this morning. Worked on the hill, picked out the bucks again, drove a flock of small sheep to Wheeler.

7 Wednesday
All hands on hill finished at Dus & finished drawing in wheat & began at Houghs. CSY & Matilda home.

8 Thursday
Finished our haying Jo & Ike quit last night. Got a good deal of good hay 85 loads at home, 24 at Dusinburys & 26 at Houghs.

9 Friday
Quick, Wm Sprague & I on hill in follows – Tom drew in barley— Self, Wife & Julia & CSY took a steamboat ride. McBurney came in evening – war – Dus not here.

10 Saturday
All hands on follow again in afternoon. McB & self & wives went to Jac. Larrowes for an afternoon visit — Dus not here.

11 Sabbath
I filled two deeds for Garret Taylor & went to Texas to meeting.

12 Monday
Quick cut oats, Dus, Sprague, Tom, Father , Boys & I burning follow on hill by John Daniels. Tom finished drawing P. Kains rails 260 in all — worked in nursery hoeing etc.

13 Tuesday
Quick, Dus & Sprague cut the spring wheat on hill & then cut oats. I began to bud but the buds are not well formed. Cut & set red nutmeg & red vareripe from the buds in the nursery — Just night CSY & I went down & got some buds from Adsit. Tom began to plow in summer follow.

14 Wednesday
I budded, Sprague & Dus. finished the oats. Came home to dinner & worked in spring wheat on flat. Tom plowing, Quick making rails — rain just night — Set up the threshing machine.

15 Thursday
Threshed oats with machine, got out of order & quit at noon. Tom plow — Sprague picked up on follow. Dus set up spring wheat.

16 Friday
All hands on hill, got in all the oats & spring wheat. Emma quite sick with the same complaint that Ellen died with.

17 Saturday
Threshed the spring wheat with machine. Broke the casting which fastened the band wheel. Emma quite sick but we think the symptoms a little favourable. J. McBurney came tonight.

18 Sabbath
Very warm & begins to be quite dry. Emmas sypmtoms still favourable — I wrote to C.Y. Gorham & to Taggart N.Y.—

19 Monday
Rainy. Tom, Dus & Sprague on summer follow. I went up & took the bucks & steers to the oat stubble, brot the oxen & ewes & lambs home. Robt VanValkenburgh & Kate Rumsey here to tea. I went to H.P.

20 Tuesday
I took the wethers from the summer follow to Houghs. Got two from P. Cains. Tom & Dus plowed on follow. C.Y.E. harrowed with young horses. Sprague, Ed & I picked up on follow. Showery. Sprague done.

21 Wednesday
Tom & Dus plowing. I went to H.P. got Sawney & Fanny shod, got Idon plow — Then Father & I went to Bath & got threshing machine mended. Jn McBurney went home.

22 Thursday
Tom, Dus & I plowed on follow. Boys picking up, burning & sprouting — took off lambs.

23 Friday
Tom, Dus & I plowed again. Boys took hogs to stubble on hill light showers — dry weather.

24 Saturday
Took the machine on hill, thrashed, cleaned up & brot home 20 bush. seed wheat. Dus plowed in forenoon — J & M broke the buggy.

25 Sabbath
At home rainy.

26 Monday
I sowed ten bushels wheat. Tom & CYE harrowing. Dus plowing — showrs.

27 Tuesday
I sowed 4 bush. wheat & finished the old ground. Dus finished plowing. I budded in afternoon. Ben Perry & Mrs. G.S.Ellis here. Went to H.P. Showers.

28 Wednesday
I budded — boys harrowing & Dus picking up roots.

29 Thursday
Boys on follow. Dus not here. Jn McB came here last evening. We went to Bath to County Convention — A.C.Younglove here. Sam & Lydia here.

30 Friday
All hands on hill plowing piece of new ground — Ed & I in nursery budding. Whig mass meeting in Bath. Gov Seward pres.

31 Saturday
Men on hill. Ed & I in nursery, budded 325 trees — McB & Julia went to Bants.

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