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May 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

MAY 1844

1 Wednesday
CSY, Ed & I went up the hill & finished that piece of spring wheat, sowed the grass seed & sow 1½ bushels spring wheat on the N. end of the winter wheat. Boys planting potatoes. J. McBurney & daughter here all night also Uncle Aulls & Aunt Aulls — Warm.

2 Thursday
A heavy shower last night — Tom drawing rails on flat. Dusinbury & I at work in nursery — warm — too wet to plow & plant.

3 Friday
Dusin, Hough, boys & self planting potatoes. Tom finished plowing cornfield beyond barn. Abm Brundage & wife here all night. Shower just night.

4 Saturday
Began to plant potatoes. L.M.Hammond came up & CSY & I went down to help Capt Read finish taking off Sheldons lot. Rainy. Began to plant corn.

5 Sabbath
Filled a deed for Hammond to Sheldon. Went up amongst the sheep — our ewes disown their lambs more than I have ever known before.

6 Monday
Finished planting the corn in the field by the barn. Great trouble with our ewes or rather lambs. S. Dusin got a bile.

7 Tuesday
Dusinbury & Hough worked on the road. Tom & I finished plowing the flat cornfield.

8 Wednesday
Planted potatoes in forenoon & corn in afternoon.

9 Thursday
Finished planting corn — Abm Brundage planted the 25th of April & many of our neighbors planted early. Sowed 1½ bus spring wheat on Iras potatoe patch, planted some potatoes by dropping them on the green grass & covered the ground all over with straw. The ewes continue to disown & all this week we have had from 15 to 20 on hand, turning off from 2 to 5 per day & taking in as many more — I think one of the great reasons for their disowning so much is the neglect of giving them salt & driving them up the hill for we have been pasturing them by Jn Daniels until today we turn them in the Ira pasture. 4 new ones today and only one that disowns. The season continues to be very forward, the blossoms are all off of the fruit & the currants large enough to stew. Planted some beans & cucumbers in the garden.—.

10 Friday
Tom drew rails from P. Depews to finish laying up the line fence. I went & run the line between us & Ira. In the afternoon I plowed out the nursery. Dus set a post by the ciderhouse & then went up & fixed the fence round the pasture by Jn Daniels. Ewes behave badly — The weather fine but prospect of rain.

11 Saturday
A heavy thunder shower this forenoon, a warm pleasant rain & a good deal of it. Tom finished laying up the line fence. CSY & I went to H.P. Dusin home to plant his potatoes.

12 Sabbath
Clear fine day & very pleasant. Last night we had 5 lambs & none of them owned good & today 8 & 3 of them disown — This evening it is quite cool & I have built some fires in the orchard to keep off the frost but still I do not think it is cold enough to kill fruit.

13 Monday
Tom & I worked in the nursery — CYE & Ed took a flock of sheep to the Wheeler field — CSY began to go to school to H.P. Dusin not here.

15 Wednesday
Tom, Dus, CYE & I began to clear off the McCaslin job preparatory to fix it for summer fallow — The weather is fine but rather cooler than it has been. The sheep are getting pretty well along with lambing but do not behave any better than they did.

16 Thursday
Rainy, went up the hill. Dus & I cut brush & logs on follow — Tom drew some rails & put on the road fence & then drew a load home. Very rainy tonight. Mrs Bullard & Daniel here.

17 Friday
Dus getting wood for himself. Tom & I went up & began the summer follow in the back field on the Jn Daniels lot. I broke the plow point & then went to H.P. & got a new one — We had a very heavy rain last night & tonight it threatens again. The ewes are getting pretty well along with their lambing but I don’t see as they own any better than they did earlyer in the season — The season continues to be forward & very promising but rather cooler than it has been along back.

18 Saturday
I went up & began to plow & broke the point before I got one round — Tom plowed all day & the boys sprouted — I worked on the road in the afternoon — in the evening we went fishing & got about 30 fine suckers — speared them.

19 Sunday
Jn & Wm Randel here & we went up in the woods, saw some foxes—fine weather.

20 Monday
Self quite unwell & kept house most all day began to take physick. Just boys plowing, Dus chopping on summer follow — cool.

21 Tuesday
Took more physick, operated well. Boys on hill plowing & sprouting. Do not know what Dus is at. Very cold — will be a frost.

22 Wednesday
Much better this morning — Boys plowing. Dus & CYE plowing with oxen on follow. Last night there was a heavy frost that killed a good deal of fruit & done much damage — The village gardens suffered much. I went to H.P. in afternoon. Mrs M.H.Rose here visiting.

23 Thursday
Helped Father fix the gate by the ciderhouse, in afternoon went to Wheeler field & brot home the sheep preparing to wash tomorrow. Went down to H.P & bot side—hill plow to pay for Havens survey.

24 Friday
Washed sheep, J.J.Poppino washed with us — very warm — I planted bed of beats.

25 Saturday
I plowed in Dus place, he planted his potatoes. Very warm & thunder but showers went round.

26 Sabbath
At home — showery & very warm.

27 Monday
Self & CSY worked on Jn. Daniels road. Boys in summer follow.

28 Tuesday
Father, CSY, Ed & I trimmed & marked the lambs. Boys finished plowing the summer follow. Plowed the cabbage & tried the tobacco yard.

29 Wednesday
Self & CSY log’d on summer follow. Dus cut brush. Tom began to work in the corn with the cultivator.

30 Thursday
Tom in corn again. Father, CSY & self began to reset the fence along the Wm Rowel field. Dus drew rails & put on fence. Rain quit 3 PM.

31 Friday
Tom drew wood off of Houghs job. Father, CSY, Dus & self finsihed resetting the fence & made a good pair of barposts & fixed it good.

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