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May 2008

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1908 and 1958

Glancing Backward

News items from the Naples Record 100 years and 50 years ago


Beth Flory

May 1908

The month began with a snowfall—enough for sleighing. The Road Commissioner and his workers were waiting to begin scraping highways to get them ready for "the automobile season." A sprinkling tank would keep down road dust when dry weather returned.

High winds prevented dragging the lake for two fishermen assumed drowned. They were Byron McMaster and James DuBois, Jr.

The new curfew went into effect sending young people under sixteen home at 9 o'clock. Tireless musician A. W. Dunton started up a cornet band, this time in Honeoye. He was giving lessons to aspiring members.

Andrew McKechnie shot and killed himself in Canandaigua, apparently because of financial troubles. Well known locally, he was 51.

May 1958

The general area suffered frost damage to fruit prospects and damp, cold weather kept bees from pollinizing cherry and peach blooms.

Several local men died this month including Charles Harbison, Sr., Charles Fribolin, Albert Widmer, The Hon. Nathan Lapham, J. Gordon Lewis and Howard Dunton of Italy Valley.

At a village caucus Lawrence S. Keith was nominated as candidate for Mayor of Naples village (he won the election) and Irving Barber as Trustee.

The Nundawaga Society for History and Folklore was preparing a new production for the end of August. "Strangers Come to Nundawaga," written by Society President Robert Moody of Rushville, told of the arrival of the French and their impact on the Seneca nation. As always, loyal volunteers would turn out in large numbers to make the event an annual success.

Memorial Day plans included events at Rose Ridge and the School as well as the parade. Marchers would proceed from the School up Main to Vine St. and back on James and Main for a service in the NCS auditorium.

Beth Flory's "Glancing Backward" column in the Naples Record is compiled from
old news items that appeared in the Record. Reprinted with permission of the Naples Record.
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