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April 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

APRIL 1844

1 Monday
Went up & sowed grass seed on the wheat. 3 bushels — The sun shown very bright & reflected on the snow so that it burned our faces badly — Drew up some wood from the old hedge. Hosea Longwell & wife here.

2 Tuesday
Cornelius & I went & surveyed for I.R.Wood. Between him & Earnest. Tom & C.Y.E. began to draw hay off of the flat. C.Y.E. went to Wheeler with F. Larrowe — in afternoon Tom began to draw rails from P. Depews. John McBurney here.

3 Wednesday
C.S.Y. & self finished trimming the orchard. Tom drawing rails to H.P. Just fine pleasant.

4 Thursday
I went to Bath with J. Larrowe & then furrowed my nursery — C.S.Y.’s shoulder so lame he is not able to work — Tom broke one wheel of the new waggon drawing rails. Little rain.

5 Friday
All of us at the brush in hill orchard. Boys drawing & Tom & I trimming & burning.

6 Saturday
Finished the apple brush — Tom drew up the rest of the hay & we began to set little trees in nursery — Pleasant weather. A dry spring.

7 Sabbath
At home all day — Fine warm weather. J.D.Blanck here, took home some fruit trees with him.

8 Monday
Plowed & put in the peas patch & plowed the garden. Put out some cherry, plum & pear trees. The first thunder & little showers.

9 Tuesday
Tom began to plow on the Loder Orchard. Self, Drake & the boys began to tag sheep. Warm.

10 Wednesday
Self, Drake & the boys finished tagging the sheep. Tom plowing on hill. Very warm indeed. I went to H’port just night. Cut some graft buds, started quite a good deal.

11 Thursday
Self & CSY trimed the Loder orchard. Tom & Dusinbury plowing. Dusinbury began to work by the month at $10 per month. The weather is excessively warm, cloudy wind N.E. prospect of rain.

12 Friday
Tom & Dusenbury plowing on hill. Father, boys & self cracked the peach pits & planted them in the nursery — Then transplanted three rows of apple trees. Wind N.E. very warm indeed. The trees are putting out.

13 Saturday
Tom & Dusenbury plowing , self & boys in the nursery. Very warm, took off my flannel.

14 Sabbath
At home as usual. F. Larrowe here, Wm Randel & Dan Neal — Today the weather is again hot, a thunder shower passed S. of us. Cherry blossoms.

15 Monday
Tom & CSY on the hill sowing barley. Dusinbury taking out potatoes. Self & boys in nursery, had James Laughlin in afternoon. Very warm, prospect of rain — The trees are putting out fast, the cherries in blow & judging from the forest trees it is now time to plant corn. Wm Andrews & F. Larrowe here.

16 Tuesday
Tom & CSY on hill — Dusenbury clearing off & fencing potatoe patch. Ed & I began to graft. Two showers in the afternoon & everthing growing very fast.

17 Wednesday
Ed & I grafting — Dusinbury plowing potatoe grounds. Tom & CSY on the hill sowing oats — rained last night & today cool & night clear & cold. The fruit I think will suffer. Wm Rowell & wife Peggy here.

18 Thursday
Heavy white frost this morning & cold but the fruit does not appear to be hurt — Boys on the hill, Dusenbury in potatoe patch — Ed & I grafted, in afternoon I went down & set some grafts for Mr. Hammond.

19 Friday A little frost, began to plow the field beyond the barn for corn. CSY finished the oats on the hill. Warm but sultry as before the rain.

20 Saturday Plowing with two teams beyond the barn. James Laughlin here at work in garden. CSY took 16 bushels wheat to mill. Aunt Lizzy to Wm Bakers.

21 Sabbath
Warm & pleasant. The spring continues very forward, plums, pears & peaches in bloom & the apple trees begin to redden.

22 Monday
Tom plowed beyond the barn with both yoke of oxen & the old horses & the ground has got so hard that we must wait for rain. Dusinbury put up the line fence. Ed & I grafted at Houghs. Sol Philips moved into shop.

23 Tuesday
Tom went on the hill & began to plow the piece that was left in Dusinburys wheat. Dusinbury finished plowing the potatoe pack. I began to plow on the flat — warm & dry.

24 Wednesday
Tom & I went up and sowed some spring wheat — about 1 P.M. came up a thunder shower & rained finely — we came home — turned out cattle to pasture.

25 Thursday
Started 2 plows in the field beyond the barn. I whitewashed some & worked some in nursery. The first boat arrived from New York. Jam Chissom here.

26 Friday
Jam Chissom went home. Rain’d showers all day. Thundered about 9 A.M. I whitewashed some, in afternoon I went to H.P. set some grafts for A.M.Adsit — Cold — Wind N.E. Lambs began to come.

27 Saturday
Plowing beyond the barn. Cold & in afternoon a misty rain. Harrowed the potatoe patch.

28 Sabbath
The weather is warmer today & quite pleasant.

29 Monday
CSY & I surveyed for S.S.Havens in the forenoon & grafted at Houghs in the afternoon. Boys plowing. Jimmy Laughlin opening drain by kitchen door.

30 Tuesday
I went out to Bath with Havens to get some surveys, came back & finished his surveying. Boys planting potatoes. Warm.

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