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January 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove


1 Monday
Surveyed for Deacon Earnest & I.R. Wood of Wayne. F. Larrowe went with me — did not finish — cold & mud frozen up.

2 Tuesday
Surveyed for Messrs Miller & Wolsey on lot 31 Tp 4 2 range. I paid up my postage 7/. Very cold day.

3 Wednesday
Surveyed for Earnest & Wood again, finished under the direction of Earnest & he paid me $5 for my two days work — rain last night & this afternoon, snowed briskly.

4 Thursday
About house in forenoon & in afternoon went to H’port — After dinner Ed Sweet & Hosea Thayr went out hunting partridges — Ed S. gun accidentally went off & lodged the content in the right breast of Thayr who staggered back a few steps & fell dead. His remains had just been brought in as I got into town — I saw him, his breast a complete goar of blood & his mouth & nose bled profusely — It was a most horrid sight — Gloom was pictured on the countenance of all & Sweet seems almost frantic — Cold one inch snow.

5 Friday
Father & I went to Dusinburys & got the bucks — I then went to H’port. Found them attending Thayrs funeral. Cold.

6 Saturday
Self & Tom drew in spring wheat & I took Matilda to H’port. The first time she has been out since her confinement. J.H.Hill & wife here in evening.

7 Sabbath
At home all day. Comfortably warm.

8 Monday
Father & I went up to Houghs & picked out 89 little sheep. Very poor left 150. John Brundage & wife here all night — cold.

9 Tuesday
Went in the forenoon to Dis No 5 & in afternoon to No 6. Ephrain Sanford teaching in No 5 school in bad condition. Gilbert Honeywell in No 6 good condition. Very cold. Snow all blown away.

10 Wednesday
Went to Dis. No 2 kept by Peter Marslle school doing very well. Staid all night at Hosea Longwells. Not so cold.

11 Thursday
Went to Dis No 4 & 8 kept by Ormond Pinkerton. Not doing well. Came home & found that last night John Kinney came to inform us of the death of Uncle Aaron who died on the 9th & to be buried on Saturday the 13th. 80 last Nov.

12 Friday
Father & Mother started for Gorham, drove Fanny in the buggy & Ed Brundage rode Sawny. I went to Dusinburys got a load of wood then to H’port & got some molasses. Warmer.

13 Saturday
This has been a very extraordinarily windy day, blew down two of our hay stacks on the flat & has swept all most all the E & W fence on the flat — About noon it blew the hardest, from the west. I finished two sheep racks & got them into the barn yard. Last night it rained & today would be comfortable if the wind did not blow so very violent. Dominck Curry here all night.

14 Sabbath
At home all day. John McBurney came.

15 Monday
James Laughlin help put up fence that blew down Saturday. Trustee reports came in almost all wrong. McBurney here all day. Him & Julia went round the valley. Matilda & I went down to H.P. Father & Mother came home. Acsah Booth began just night to work.

16 Tuesday
McBurney left. Father & I went up the hill by John Daniels — Matilda & I went to H.P. Warm & quite sloppy.

17 Wednesday
Last night it rained hard & today it snowed 4 inches — I wrote for the Argus, The Exposition & 12 numbers of the Journal — also to Chaps & DeGraw. At J.H.Hills in evening.

18 Thursday
Father, Matilda, Julia & I went to Bath in a sleigh. J.H.Hill & wife here in evening. Cold — Sam here all night.

19 Friday
Father & I went to Dusenburys & got the last of our oats. 35 bushels then I went to H’port & got Grey shod — Cold.

20 Saturday
Threshed with the machine. John Sprague — Wm Hough — McGuggin & J. Laughlin helped — finished the spring wheat — Cyrus Powers & wife here in afternoon. I went up to the Hoagland Dis to school meeting. D. Cameron & wife — Sister & Hen Brundage here in evening — Wm Andrews & Mr Clark here to dinner on the way to Tyrone — C.S.Y. took Lucinda home.

21 Sabbath
Stormy from N.E. I went to Mrs Cardwells to get a girl. She was not at home. Sam & Lydia here.

22 Monday
I went & got Mary Cass to do house work. C.S.Y. got home. Wm Andrews here & preached in the new schoolhouse from the text “For the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul” & certainly made a great serman. Cold & heavy South wind.

23 Tuesday
I went & got a load of wood from Dusinburys & took to the school house. Acsah came back. Matilda & I went to H.P. in afternoon & in evening Julia & I went to J. Larrows to party. John Gansoles wife & Eliza Gulick came home with us & staid all night. Warm day.

24 Wednesday
Mary Carr got sick and I took her home & got Phebe Plympton & brot home to nurse the children. She lost a child a few days since.

25 Thursday
I took Phebe home to let her cure her nipples & wash up. Father & Mother went to Wheeler & took Acsah home. McGuiggin sawed wood — Mr Hovey here. Coldest day we have had.

26 Friday
Father & Mother got home & brot Aunt Elizabeth. I went to see if Mary Carr but she was not well enough so I got Sally Ann Quick. C.S.Y. missed his trap & found that it was taken by a fox, Monday night. James Clizbe & wife here. McGuiggin saw wood.

27 Saturday
I went to Bath with J. Larrowe. J. Clizbe & wife went home. Very cold.

28 Sabbath
I went to hear Wm Spaulding preach in the church. Very cold. Sam & Lydia here all night.

29 Monday
I began to make a map of Tp No 5 in 2 range for Brown & Larrowe — Went to H.P. then round the valley, called at Esq Powers. Brot Mary Carr home. Took Miss Clark to Caty Bakers. The lake is now frozen up the earliest I ever knew it. Very cold.

30 Tuesday
I went to Wayne to prepare for fitting the map of Tp No 5 in 2nd. J. McBurney came in eve. Cold & snowed all day.

31 Wednesday
I went to Texas with Esq Mc, in afternoon began my maps. John Hill & Mariah Hoyt came. John went on home & Mariah staid — cold.

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