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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

October, November, December 1842
January, February, March 1843

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

October 1842

1 Saturday
I sowed 5 bush. wheat & finish. Boys harrowing.

2 Sabbath
Went up to J.M.Brundages & fixed the report for the annual school meeting.

3 Monday
I went to mill with 12 bush. wheat & some for Greek & Barrett. Boys harrowing.

4 Tuesday
Will finished harrowing - Self, Tom, Greek & Jo Cook picking winter apples.

5 Wednesday
All of us picking apples.

6 Thursday
Picking apples ˝ day.

7 Friday
Pick apples again - sold 74 bush.

8 Saturday
Pick apples - went caucus.

9 Sabbath
At home all day.

10 Monday
Self & Tom finished clearing Greek follow & sowed 5 bushels.

11 Tuesday
Picked apples - Boys harrowing.

12 Wednesday
Self & Father got crotch for a stone boat - I went to convention. Tom threshed beans.

13 Thursday
I surveyed for Abm Palmer & Masten Clark got $3.50 cash. Came home & found J.H.Luther & A.C.Younglove with their wives

14 Friday
Sold - sacked wool to Cheestra of Canandaiqua for the Boston market - got 35 cents - visited - sold apples - Father worked road. Cornelius finished harrowing. Mat. here.

15 Saturday
All went to John Brundages a visiting. Matthew drawing potatoes. Wm got back from his fathers.

16 Sabbath
Went to hear Mr. Coe. Old Mr Pulling buried today. In afternoon Luther & C. went up valley to meeting. William started for Michigan well clad with $40. Tom took him as far as Uncle Aulls - He felt bad.

17 Monday
Self, Joseph Cook dug 100 bush potatoes. Tom drew potatoes from Greeks.

18 Tuesday
Self, Jo Cook, James Laughlin & Joseph Hemmen dug in forenoon & then rain.

19 Wednesday
Self, James & Frances Laughlin, Joseph Hemmen & Bill Barrett dug 300 bus.

20 Thursday
Self, Joseph Hemmen & Bill Barrett finished digging & began to husk corn. Tom began to plow barley stubble at Barretts.

21 Friday
Self & Bill Barrett husked corn. Tom plowing, Father work on road & Julia & the two Corneliuss went to Ontario Co.

22 Saturday
Self & Bill Barrett husked corn.

23 Sabbath
Went over to Texas. A.C.Y. & wife here.

24 Monday
Self & B. Barrett husked. C. Ellis helped in forenoon.

25 Tuesday
Rainy - Self & Tom cleaned buckwheat.

26 Wednesday
Father & Tom worked road. Bill Barrett picked up apples. I went up the hill among the sheep. Julia & Cornelius came home.

27 Thursday
Went to Reading, found Mother Hoyt poorly but better than she had been. Visited at Weaver Andrews & called at Elder Sheds - Samuel Ross - Hilimans - Lees etc. Sabbath went to Hornby & found Eddys folks well but quite sickly about - Tuesday came home.

November 1842

2 Wednesday
Agricultural fair of Steuben County - I took a basket of apples & I was much pleased with the result - Got an award of $3.00 - The admiration was generous & mingled with much astonishment. Was honored with a place on the committee on sheep.

3 Thursday
Finished husking corn & drew the beans off of the flat. Bill Barrett husking.

4 Friday
Plowed & harrowed my nursery ground.

5 Saturday
Furrowed & planted nursery. Matthews plowing on hill & Tom on flat.

6 Sabbath
Went to meeting - Mr Coe.

7 Monday
Plowed up the milking yard.

8 Tuesday
Election & on Governor - Urbana gave 73 Dem. majority for Wm Bouck.

9 Wednesday—Went up & cleaned wheat - rain.

10 Thursday
11 Friday
Cleaned wheat at Greeks - snowy & cool - 192 bush.

12 Saturday
Cold & rainy. I went to H’port.

13 Sabbath
I wrote letter to Uncle Clapp.

14 Monday
Self & Jacob Wilhelm got out the rest of the flooring for the new stable.

15 Tuesday—Finished laying floor & began to enclose.

16 Wednesday
Finished enclosing etc.

17 Thursday
Boarded up the back end of woodhouse & put up the eve trough over the new stable.

18 Friday
Cold - I surveyed for Abraham Depew.

19 Saturday
Surveyed for A.W. Snider, cold, Wilhelm not here.

20 Sabbath
Went to Mr Coe’s meeting all day.

21 Monday
Got out dung etc up to Barretts.

22 Tuesday
Self, Tom, Mat & McGuiggin dug ditch up at the Barrett barn.

23 Wednesday
I began to work at stable & got word that my trees had come from Long Island. Went down & brot up 14 trees 2/ apiece & paid $1.00 transportation making $4.50. Set them in the N.E. corner of hill orchard. Mr Holmes here at night.

24 Thursday
Worked at stable - Wilhelm

25 Friday
Worked at stable – Wilhelm

26 Saturday
At stable again - Commissioners lay out Spragues road.

27 Sabbath
Cold & snowy - I went over to Bakers. Old Judge quite sick

28 Monday
Father & Julia Bath. I went up & made a barn yard at Greeks.

29 Tuesday
Worked stable & I went over to the school in afternoon.

30 Wednesday
Finished stable - Snow about a foot deep & every prospect of a severe winter - Father & I went down to H’port and got my bureau - J. W. Taggart sent from New York - $1.92 cents freight, chair & all.

December 1842

1 Thursday
Cold & stormy. Old Judge Baker quite low - I went over & staid all night, he appeared very much as Saml did in his last moments.

2 Friday
I came home, went to H’port & bot stove etc for school house. About half past 4 P.M. Mr. Baker breathed his last. I came home at 9 P.M.

3 Saturday
Went to school house & took down partition & put up new stove. Then attended the funeral - sermon by Mr. Wipple of Bath, from the text “ And the body shall return to dust as it was & the soul to God who gave it” The weather was warm & the going sloppy. Some in waggons & some in sleighs. Uncle & Aunt Aulls here all night.

4 Sabbath
At home all day.

5 Monday
Went to see the Jury on Mr. Petersons road. Snow all afternoon.

6 Tuesday
Wm Bailey & I fixed barn door at Barretts - Mothers nose bled all night.

7 Wednesday
Bailey & I finished barn doors.

8 Thursday
Killed beef pepper & salt - Snowy & rainy - Thanksgiving.

9 Friday
Took 2 quarters beef to H.P. & went to Greeks, took some plank over to Barretts to fix barn.

10 Saturday
Went to Mud creek to see Dan Rowell & to Bath.

11 Sabbath
Took some step to get J.L. for P.O. - Charles Hoyt & wife came here to night.

12 Monday
I went to Bath with Charles Hoyt. Charles Mingos from Allegany came to get sheep to winter, agreed with him to keep 100 till the first of May for $0.50 per head, he to drive them there pick such as die & not charge for their keeping. We to fetch back.

13 Tuesday
Snow hard all day. Charles Hoyt went home. Father & I went to Greek & picked out some sheep to go to Allegany.

14 Wednesday
Father & I went over to Lem Blains & took oxen for pair Bobs. Snow deep & drifting.

15 Thursday
Mingo’s started with his 100 sheep - 33 of them rams & 67 wethers - all in good - Father & I went up to Barretts & began to clean barley.

16 Friday
Father & I finished cleaning & brot home barley 32 bushels in all, came home & found Taggart & wife here. In evening went down & got salt & the black board. M.H. Rose & wife evening visit - good sleighing.

17 Saturday
Father & C.S.Y. took some ewes to Barretts. Tom & I got some pine stumps.

18 Sabbath
Self, wife, Tom & C.S.Y. went to Sams.

19 Monday
I fixed for killing hogs & Father went to Bath & got Daniel Rowell to make shoes.

20 Tuesday
Killed hogs, 9 of them good pork - Greek, Bill Barrett & Jo Conklin helped, got done & cut up before sunset - in evening went up to Coz. Abrm Brundage with M.H.Rose & wife.

23 Friday
McQiggin & Hemmen began to thresh spring wheat for the tenth I went to H.P. & got the harness mended. (coldest day)

24 Saturday
I went up & brot a load of wood & then went down & got Sawny shod - stuff sausage - Irishman threshing -(Christmas eve in the church)

25 Sabbath
At home all day Christmas.

26 Monday
Father, Mother & Edwin went to Ontario. I went to Ebinezer Ellis & got 47 rails & a load of wood from Greeks - H.P. in evening.

27 Tuesday
Took up the young cattle & brot home a load wood - in afternoon over to school. D. Rose & wife here in evening.

28 Wednesday
Surveyed for Campbell & Birdseye - Steam mill hollow.

29 Thursday
I took 50˝ bushels wheat to Bakers mill for the county house & it held out by weight 48 55/60 bushels. J.M.Brundage came home with me & we went to H.P. Father & Mother came home & brot Uncle Aaron & Azubah.

30 Friday
Father, Uncle & I went to Barretts & Greeks & then round the valley, in evening Wm Baker & wife & Esq. Powers & wife here.

31 Saturday
At Bath & then to Cousin Abrm Brundage visit & then to H.P. to meeting. Palmer & Evaline came from Bath with us. J.W.Taggart & wife all night.


1 Sabbath
Palmer & wife went home. The weather is as mild as it can be & not thaw. The sleighing is good & has been since about the 25th Nov & winter weather since the 18th.

2 Monday
I went up the hill & got a load wood & then went over to the school with M.H.Rose. Father & Mother went to Wheeler with Uncle Aaron & Azubah. Cold.

3 Tuesday
Father got back about noon & then I started to take Lucinda home. Matilda went to Evalines. Cold & high wind.

4 Wednesday
I started from Palmers & took Lucinda home & got back about 9 o’clock.

5 Thursday
Came down to Clisbes & took dinner, came to Faulkners in evening & found Catherine & John down here but got home about 7 o’clock & told us that Tuesday after we were gone, Divan came & brot word that Mother Hoyt was dead in the sixty year of her age.

6 Friday
Father & I went up the hill & got oats, in all 26 bus. Matilda & I went to Reading & after we got there I found that Harvey was lame. The weather warm & thawing.

8 Sabbath
Father Hoyt harnessed his sleigh & brot me a few miles & then I came the rest of the way on foot. Horse so lame I could not fetch him & so I left Matilda & Myra. Quite rainy, very muddy & bad going - the inlet over the road so we had to cross in a skiff - Wm Goff came in company with me - The water is now uncommonly high & I think must do much damage. This evening I think the wind has changed from South to west & is freezing some. Mother Hoyt died on the morning of the 3rd Jany at about 4 o’clock. Mariah was up with & waited upon her & when she got into bed complained of pain at her breast & thought she had better have some wine - Mariah went to the pantry for it & when she returned saw a curl of the lip, she waked her father immediately but before he got to the bed she was dead. She sat up & ate at the table the day before although very feeble & much overcome with exertion.

9 Monday
McQuiggin & Hemmon came & we cleaned the wheat 33˝ bushels. They threshed 4˝ days each, to thresh it (by the tenth). Warm.

10 Tuesday
Cleaned wool room & granery & fixed the barn door.

11 Wednesday
Went up to Barretts & put hooks on the barn doors - Went to H.P. got my looking glass that M. Barns has been fixing. He said he would fix it for 9/ then charged me 11/ ( Also I got him to make a black board which he agreed to make for 12/ & after it was done charged me 16/ remember him). Warm.

12 Thursday
Worked on road fixing bridge.

13 Friday
Bunched up tobacco 45 lbs. J.M.Brundage in the evening party roasting venison on a stick.

14 Saturday
Went on horse back to Reading after Matilda. Cold & the ground froze.

15 Sabbath
Came from Reading, drove grey on ahead of Harvy in the cutter. Poor sleighing.

16 MondayvI made a broomcorn broom.

17 Tuesday
Drew some stone & began to underpin the old stable - Father bot lumber waggon of C.R.Disbrow $25 & 40 bush winter apples. Went to H.P. with Matilda.

18 Wednesday
Self & Greek drew in wheat stack. Warm.

19 Thursday
Surveyed Stillhouse road.

20 Friday
Self, C.S.Y. & Tom drew 200 rails out of Petersons woods into the road in front of Spragues.

21 Saturday
Drew some stone to underpin old stable & then plowed the milking yard west of house.

22 Sabbath
At home writing letters. Warm.

23 Monday
Went to Bath & met Mr Holmes. We began to settle with the Surrogate. Warm.

24 Tuesday
I began to plow S.E. corner of big meadow for corn - Snow squalls colder.

25 Wednesday
Plowed on flat - cold squall.

26 Thursday
Froze to hard to plow.

27 Friday
Got two horse shoes set & visited at Esq Larrows in evening. Rainy night.

28 Saturday
Ground covered with snow. Plowed all day - cold & squally.

29 Sabbath
I wrote in forenoon & heard Mr Coe & Mr Powers in after part of day.

30 Monday
I drew 2 loads wood from Greeks, in evening went over the valley to take an observation at the North star but it was cloudy.

31 Tuesday
I drew one load wood & then went to H.P. Rain all the afternoon & towards evening very hard. Emily Brown & Miss Armstrong here.


1 Wednesday
Cold & frozen hard. Staid in the house all day. Brown took Miss Armstrong home & left Emily.

2 Thursday
I went to school in forenoon & to H.P. in afternoon. Miss Griswold here & John Rosenkrans - I bot a worsted cap of Cyrus Sill for $1.00.

3 Friday
I drew one load of wood from Greeks - Myra quite sick - cold.

4 Saturday
Father & I went to Bath to see Surrogate. Got word that Abrm Brundage’s John died last night. Quite suddenly of inflamitory rheumatism.

5 Sabbath
Went to John Brundages funeral. Heard Mr Wipple preach from the text “It is well” a very able & comfortable sermon. Heavy storm from N.E. snow about 6 inches.

6 Monday
Cold & the windest day that I almost ever saw, I threshed a flooring of wheat with the horses - J.E.Gonsolus & wife here.

7 Tuesday
Still cold & windy. Father & I went to H.P. Com. of roads settling off etc.

8 Wednesday
Self & wife went to Dansville to see B.R.Streety. Found him very well situated keeping grocery & living in back part of the same building. (he is a Methodist)

9 Thursday
I went to Burns & got Lucinda & started from Streetys at sunset & came to Palmers. Staid all night.

10 Friday
Came to Uncle Aulls & made a visit & got home just night. Calvin Luther & wife here while we were gone.

11 Saturday
Killed spike & sold half for $8.76. J.T.Andrews & wife here to dinner. Blain brot our bob sleds, endorsed $26.00 on note. Iron & shoes $6.46 total $32.46. Matilda, Julia, C.S.Y. & Sam went to John Daniels to Nancy Hough & Tomy Gibsons wedding. I went to Caucus - Jacob cut his knee with the drawshave bad. Thomas got a letter from John Boyd with Williams deed enclosed to get the County Clerk Certificate.

12 Sabbath
At home until just night, went over to see Sal. Baker, quite poorly.

13 Monday
Went to Bath & met Holmes & Palmer, the day of final settlement of the estate of Aaron Younglove dec. Went out with M.H. Rose & Jacob Larrowe - cold & good sleighing.

14 Tuesday
Town meeting, snow from N.E. all day & hard. Democratic ticket elected all but S.S.Havins & M.H.Rose.

15 Wednesday
Self & Wm Hough drawed wood off hill. Snow about 12 to 18 inches but so drifted that it is hard to tell the depth. Benjamin Perry here to dinner.

16 Thursday
Self & Hough drawed wood.

17 Friday<
Self & Hough drawed wood.

18 Saturday
Self & Hough drawing wood in the four days past we have drawn 12 cords. B.L.Hoyt & wife are here tonight. Glad to see them really.

19 Sabbath
Heard Mr. Wilson in forenoon & Mr Coe in afternoon - Warm & thaw a little.

20 Monday
Self & Matilda went to Chissoms at Italy Hill. Snow deep & banks troublesome.

21 Tuesday
Went Uncle Aarons, found them all well but Moses & wife out here.

22 Wednesday
Uncle & Azubah went with us to Capt. Perrys—Cold.

23 Thursday
Self & John went to Canandaiqua. I got new fur hat of Chesebras on the wool trade. DeRoy Luther came to Uncles.

24 Friday
To Penn Yan & all night at Benj. Hoyt.

25 Saturday
To L. Bunces & all night.

26 Sabbath
To Reading, visited Matthews farm. Harriet quite low but better. All night at Father Hoyts &

27 Monday

28 Tuesday
Self & Matthew Boyd drew wood from Barretts job. Matthew drew two loads yesterday. Thaw some.


1 Wednesday
Matthew & I drew wood. Cold, Matilda over to Widow Bakers.

2 Thursday
Self & Matthew drew wood.

3 Friday
Drew wood. Abrm. Brundage & wife, J.W.Taggart & wife, Eunice Baker & Eliza Quick here visit.

4 Saturday
Drawing wood - sixteen cords this week.

5 Sabbath
My Birthday 29 years old today Clear & cold but thaw in the roads & where the sun shines. Protracted meeting in H.P.

6 Monday
Self & Mat drawing wood - brot the sheep home from Greeks. Clear & cold. At Wm Bakers in evening - John Younglove here.

7 Tuesday
I went to Wheelers mill & got a 1000 feet of hemlock boards to pay for apples. Mat helped Conklin clean his wheat 56 bus. M.H.Rose & wife here in evening. Clear & cold.

8 WednesdayvDrew wood - warmer & cloudy.

9 Thursday
I drew wood (Mat all day) then Dugald Cameron & wife, Self & wife went to Ed Knapps on visit.

10 Friday
Mat at wood. Father & I went to Bath. Doc Higgands & wife, Poppino & wife & Mrs D. Rose here evening visit. Snow in morning then rain.

11 Saturday
Mat at wood. I finished cleaning spring wheat & went to mill. 71 cords this week & ˝ cord left - 39˝ in all Barretts job.

12 Sabbath
At home all day, comfortably warm & sun shiny. Sam here.

13 Monday
I went to Sam Hunts & got two shoes set then to Old Barretts & got 22 bushels oats which make 48 bushels he has threshed. Mat got the last wood. Snowed, damp & wet all day.

14 Tuesday
Went to Otis Reads for rails but he was not at home. Cold.

15 Wednesday
Done nothing but split a little wood. The windyest day we have had this winter. Ed Brundage here all night.

16 Thursday
Went to Otis Reads & got 91 rails - Mat 45 & I 46.

17 Friday
Killed dutch steer. Sold nearly all of the forequarters for 11.50 in H.P. Snow about 4 inches last night & today blew away or into heaps. Mat choreing etc.

18 Saturday
Went to quarterly meeting H.P. & heard Elder Babcock at 1 o’clock P.M. good serman & a smart one - cold.

19 Sabbath
Went to love feast at 9 A.M. & serman at 11, not so good as yesterday. The roads were never so blocked up with snow drifts as now from the inlet to J.S.Bronsons almost impassable & many of the hill roads quite so. - cold - cold.

20 Monday
Father & I went to Bath. I to see Rumsey but did nothing - agreed to go again Friday next.

21 Tuesday
Went up the hill & got an oak log & took to Bakers saw mill.

22 Wednesday
Went to Barretts & took 176 sheep wether flock & brot home 137 ewe flock, all doing well & in good order. In evening heard Mr Clisbe give a Temperance address & it was very good.

23 Thursday
George Tilford & wife, Wm Baker & wife & John Brundage & wife here. About 3 inches snow fell last night & today it has been as windy a day as ever was & very cold. It has been about as hard a day as we have had this winter & this winter has been as hard a one as ever was I quess.

24 Friday
Went to Bath to see the surrogate & find we must go all over it again. Mr Clisbe went to Bath with me & found that the roads are impassable up the river & that there has been no sleigh through since the blow from above Kennedyville & the road from here to Bath is bad in places. Mr Finch came home with me.

25 Saturday
Went to school in forenoon & to school meeting in afternoon. Darius was chairman & we resolved to build an octagonal house with four wings & passed a resolution to raise $400.00 for the purpose & parted with good feeling & unanimous.

26 Sabbath
At home all day. Matthew went home. We owe him $4.00 - girls to Bath to meeting.

27 Monday
Matilda & I went up to A. Raymonds made an afternoon visit & then to McQuiggs all night, strong south wind all day & rain all night.

28 Tuesday
Came back to S.Holmes & got some estate papers then to Bath & then home. J.H.Hill here. Quite rainy - cold night.

29 Wednesday
I done nothing all day. Cold.

30 Thursday
Took cows to Greeks & went to M.H.Roses in afternoon - school meeting in eve.

31 Friday
Fixed sheep racks about barn. Cold. Went to John Randels in evening. Rainy night ( Myra sick )

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