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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

July, August, September 1842

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

July 1842

1 Friday
Plowing, boys clearing off. C.S.Y. took the sheep from John Agors to the Wheeler field.

2 Saturday
Plowing, again heavy shower last night & more today. Ground wet & a very growing time. The present wheat prospect is most promising.

3 Sabbath
At home all day.

4 Monday
Independance Attended H'port celebration oration by Francis Adams, an English man. There is much I might say about the oration but I now think that I never shall forget it. He spoke of our liberty in a most touching manner & called forth our gratitude for the very many blessings which we enjoy as a nation, compared our situation with that of the English & draws a most touching contrast. He spoke of the tender ties which bind his affections to his native country in the most feeling strain of eloquence but his abhorrance of the government overbalanced all which ever bound him to his native land. He reverted to the union of Church & State as one of the prominent objectional features & to the Royal family particularly the baby with keen sarcasy & as a whole it was decidely the greatest oration that I have ever heard. The day passed off without accident. The balloon burst just as it was beginning to rise from the ground, took fire & burned. Took tea with Miss S. A. Aulls, went into Mr. Hastings garden - came home & found Mr. Coe here - fine day.

5 Tuesday
Surveyed for Wm Martin at the steam sawmill. Very rainy. Tom on the hill in my place. C.S.Y. & Wm plowing potatoes.

6 Wednesday
Plowed on hill. Tom with our oxen. C.S.Y. & Will picking up. Cool. Myra got whooping cough bad.

7 Thursday
Plowed, Tom & C.S.Y. with our & Booths oxen. Greek in afternoon helping Will pick up.

8 Friday
Plowed on hill in forenoon & Tom all day. Self, C.S.Y & Will came home.

9 Saturday
Tom plowed with horse team & finished the east side & began over by spring. Self, Will & C.S.Y. picking up and building fence. (rainy morning)

10 Sabbath
Fine day, eating cherries & reading.

11 Monday
Hoeing potatoes, look very well.

12 Tuesday
Hoed the beans - Self & Father went to Bath & got some broad cloth of the agency of the Waterloo factory for self & C.S.Y. a suit. Steel mix at $3.00 per yard or 6 pounds of wool for a yard.

13 Wednesday
Built the fence between Greeks job and the Rowel field & burned off the end next the road of Greeks job.

14 Thursday
Self budding cherries all day. Quite rainy. Purs, wife & Frank here.

15 Friday
Finished plowing the Rowell field, had Booth oxen. I went over & got Miss York to quit her school.

16 Saturday
Boys hoed the corn. I fitted up Miss Yorks school bill & put it into J. S. Bronsons hands for collection.

17 Sabbath
Self at home. Girls at meeting. Myra two years old today. The weather is very warm & dry although the rain we had Thursday was sufficient & everything is growing very fast.

18 Monday
Began haying - Wm. Barrett - Lewis Purs - Wm, Tom & self mowed all day. Grass very light. We give W. Barrett 16 per month & Purs $20. Warm.

19 Tuesday
Work in hay - all hands.

20 Wednesday
Drew 14 loads small.

21 Thursday
Self & Will went up to Greeks & sorted sheep. Burned follow & drew 4 loads of hay that Greek cut.

22 Friday
Mowed all day.

23 Saturday
Got in 16 loads of hay.

24 Sabbath
Rested & wrote a letter to S.M.B.

25 Monday
Finished mowing the big meadow & began in little meadow.

26 Tuesday
Mowed & cocked hay.

27 Wednesday
Finished drawing in from the big meadow yield 32. Little meadow yield 4 - Today 13 loads.

28 Thursday
Mowed all day. Father & C.S.Y. drawed in at Greeks 6 loads.

29 Friday
Finished mowing at home & got in 3 loads hay. Rain at night.

30 Saturday
Showery but we got in 2 loads hay & cocked up all west of the road in the upper meadow & above the ditch all E. above & below lies spread out & the weather is rainy.

31 Sabbath
Rain all night. Went to meeting. Heard Mr. Coe preach. Saw Wm Lord just returned from the west. J.W.Taggart returned from city.

August 1842

1 Monday
Got in 4 loads of hay. Rather rainy & damp - budded Hubings on post.

2 Tuesday
Began to harvest on Loder farm. In afternoon got 10 loads hay & left one out.

3 Wednesday
Self, Will & Greek cradled & Tom, Wm. Barrett & Pearse raked & bound.

4 Thursday
Self & Tom finished the wheat & all hands began to hay at Barretts. Greek helped - 161 doz in all.

5 Friday
All hands mowed - Sam Greek not with us.

6 Saturday
Self & Tom in the spring wheat. The rest at the hay on the hill. Greek in afternoon.

7 Sabbath
At home all day.

8 Monday
All of us cutting spring wheat on the flat.

9 Tuesday
Self & Will Barrett at spring wheat. Pearse & boys on hill - began to rain about 2 o'clock - I went & got buds.

10 Wednesday
Went up hill & mowed in forenoon & cut new ground wheat in afternoon. Greek helped in afternoon - C.S.Y. set buds.

11 Thursday
Cut some wheat & began to draw wheat from the Loder place. Greek all day & Hiram in afternoon.

12 Friday
Finished drawing the wheat, Greek & I - all the rest in hay. Hiram in afternoon.

13 Saturday
Tom & I stacked the spring wheat 93 doz in stack & 54 in barn. All the rest in hay on hill. Greek not there.

14 Sabbath
Fine & clear. Went up the valley to hear Mr. Coe preach.

15 Monday
At work in hay - All hands went over & began at Greeks, he helped.

16 Tuesday
All hands in hay at Greeks. Pearse & Wm. Barrett months out to night. All the rest of the week at work at hay. Rainy bad weather for haying. Greek worked 5 days this week & Pearse lost day - bad weather.

17 Wednesday
Some old codger crawled into Lucinda's room by putting a plank up to the window over the front door.

20 Saturday
Pearse finished this Saturday night - paid him $23.00.

21 Sabbath
Went up valley to meeting.

22 Monday
Mowed & cradled grass & in afternoon mowed barley.

23 Tuesday
Finished mowing barley & threshed some with horses & finished drawing hay. Greek half day.

24 Wednesday
Prepared for threshing machine. Came in the afternoon & we threshed 600 sheaves. Greek all day - Hiram & old man half day.

25 Thursday
Threshed, got all done but one doz & broke the machine. Greek Hiram & old man French & Wm. Hough finished about 4 o'clock & then it began to rain. John Drew subpoenaed me for court.

26 Friday
Self & Matilda went to Reading.

27 Saturday
To Charles & Havaring - rainy.

28 Sabbath
Came home & brot plums.

29 Monday
Took the lambs from the ewes & took sheep to the Wheeler field & found Otis Reads cattle in the field. Will & C.S.Y. began to harrow that follow & sprouted. Some warm & clear.

31 Wednesday
Began to plow in Rowel field - Greek & Tom burning stumps.

September 1842

1 Thurday
Self & Will plowing Rowell field - Tom & C.S.Y. threshing barley & Greek binding oats.

2 Friday
Plowing - Tom & Greek in oats.

3 Saturday
Plowed in forenoon & Greek cut logs on his job in afternoon. Rainy. I went to sale of S. S. Haverses prop. E. J. Norris of Chenango called to engage our winters school & concluded to stay over Sabbath.

4 Sabbath
I fitting my papers preperatory to attending Drews & Deckers trial.

5 Monday
Started on foot for Bath but J.W.Taggart was at J.C.Longwells. I went home with him & after dinner he took me to Bath, nothing doing & I came home with J. Larrows horse & wagon. Greek worked part of the day.

6 Tuesday
Again at Bath, the trial did not come on. Greek all day, began to sow wheat in the Rowell field.

7 Wednesday
Again at Bath, Drew & Decker settled by Drews selling out to Decker.

8 Thursday
Getting in oats. Tom cut buckwheat in hill orchard. Greek part of day. 3 days this week - rain just night.

9 Friday
Rainy, I surveyed for J.W. Taggart. Will & Tom cutting buckwheat.

10 Saturday
Surveying again at that same job. Boys cutting buckwheat & harrowing on the hill.

11 Sabbath
Went to hear Mr. Coe preach. Warm. The heavyest thunderstorm I most ever saw.

12 Monday
Went to Bath. J.D.Blanks trial but the District Atty entered a Nolle Proseque & there it stopped. Evening to J.C.Longwells peach party.

13 & 14 Tuesday & Wednesday
Logged follow - Greek helped both days.

15 Thursday
Surveyed for Lockwood Cross. Boys picking up on follow.

16 Friday
I filled a deed for Cross etc. Boys & Greek picked up on follow.

17 Saturday
Tom & I got in the last of the oats. Will plowed & I sowed a bushel of wheat.

18 Sabbath
Rainy - John Stevenson here.

19 Monday
I helped Wilhelm, boys & Greek sprout on the summer follow. Uncle & Aunt Aulls here.

20 Tuesday
I helped Wilhelm, boys & Greek cut corn. Clear day.

21 Wednesday
Boys sprouting, I helped Wilhelm. B. R. Hurd & wife came here just night.

22 Thursday
I visited with Hurd. Will, boys began to plow in the J. Daniels field. Boys raked buckwheat.

23 Friday
Hurd went home. I to general training & the boys at work on the J. Daniels follow.

24 Saturday
Boys on hill - Father & I at meal room. Wilhelm not here.

25 Sabbath
The first frost this morning.

26 Monday
I helped Wilhelm, boy plowing.

27 Tuesday
Self, Greek & Hiram threshed buckwheat. Will & Tom plowed.

28 Wednesday
Self, Joseph Cook & Greek burned off the follow in forenoon & left old Barrett to put up heaps & Joe & I came down & threshed buckwheat. Boy plowing. Wilhelm finished the flour room.

29 Thursday
I threshed buckwheat & finished. Boys at plowing. Job Goff & wife here.

30 Friday
Greek sowed 10 bush wheat. I harrowed & Will & Tom plowed.

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