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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

April, May, June 1842

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

April 1842

1 Friday
A.C. & John Younglove went home. Will & Tom clearing away old fence on Petersons line.

2 Saturday
Made fence on said line - warm.

3 Sabbath
Rainy & cool

4 Monday
Rainly, set the gate posts & hung the gate at west end of door yard.

5 Tuesday
Fenced the lower side of Barretts jobs.

6 Wednesday
Surveyed with Jas. Read between Decker & Drew. Fine warm day. Ross began to chop wood.

7 Thursday
With Capt. Reed again. Rainy & foggy.

8 Friday
Went to Clark's mill & piled away lumber. 4813 feet at $3 per thousand $14.44 amt. of sawing.

9 Saturday
Cleared out the hedge & made fence on Petersons line below our wheat brot home some apple trees.

10 Sabbath
Made some maps for Drew & Decker. Rain afternoon.

11 Monday
Surveyed for Richard Chapman & Joseph Kingsley, got $2.00. Set out some plum trees & put in some plum grafts. Amos Stone & J.M.Brundage here in evening. Made out school bill. Boys tagged sheep.

12 Tuesday
Went to Bath, was appointed guardian for Norton C. & Hannah Younglove & bot District Lib $7.70.

13 Wednesday
Surveyed for W.W.McCay on A.W.Sniders land. Matilda went to John Brundages. Boys taged sheep.

14 Thursday
Surveyed for A.C.Holladay & old Fisk & set some plum grafts at Greeks - cold.

15 Friday
Set grafts in hill orchard. Cool. Boys finished tagging sheep.

16 Saturday
Sowed grass seed on Barretts job. John began to cut brush on summer follow. Will plowed garden & sowed peas. (unwell)

17 Sabbath
Father & self went to Uncle Aarons.

18 Monday
Went to see Esq Thomas school house, round cobble stone. Went to Capt. Perrys & in evening to Moses. Rainy in forenoon.

19 Tuesday
Came home, rained from the time we left the Potter place & quite muddy.

20 Wednesday
Worked on summer follow forenoon & grafted in afternoon. Clear & warm.

21 Thursday
Greek worked with us on summer follow. Warm & cherry blossoms this evening.

22 Friday
Surveyed for Hessel Smith & in afternoon for Snider Finch & Longwell.

23 Saturday
Survey for Snider & went to school meeting.

24 Sabbath
At home - warm.

25 Monday
Self & Will plowed on hill at Greeks.

26 Tuesday
Began to sow oats at Greek but rain.

27 Wednesday
Sowed some oats & barley at Greeks. Snowy bad day. Will began to plow at Barretts.

28 Thursday
Made garden, cold & snowy.

29 Friday
Fixed garden fence. Warm & pleasant.

30 Saturday
Grafted, sowed plaster & fixed fences at barn.

May 1842

1 Sabbath
At home warm, wrote 3 letters, showery.

2 Monday
Sowed 4 acres barley at Barretts and grafted some at home.

3 Tuesday
Fixed fence around garden.

4 Wednesday
Furrowed corn ground. Boys finished harrowing barley.

5 Thursday
Planted corn. Warm.

6 Friday
Worked on potatoe ground and grafted apple, pear etc.

7 Saturday
Surveyed for Barrett. Boys on potatoe ground.

8 Sabbath
Filed a deed for Barrett to Jac Teeple.

9 Monday
Cold - Planted potatoes.

10 Tuesday
Planted potatoes. Turned out the cows.

11 Wednesday
Self & Matilda went to Bath - Boys finished planting potatoes.

12 Thursday
Fixed about garden etc - got plaster.

13 Friday
Last night at 11 o'clock father woke me up, he again sick with the colick, at one A.M. sent for Pulling. Gave opiate pills at first & at 7 began giving physick which began operation about dusk. I attended to him all day, he very sick as bad as before. Boys at work on meadows.

14 Saturday
Father better, went to survey for J. Truesdale, found Father's fever high when I came back but on the mend. Boys sow plaster on big meadow.

15 Sabbath
Father mending. Mr. Bostwicks farewell sermon. Self at home all day. Some rain. Very dry weather.

16 Monday
Went to H'port & got 18 bushels plaster. Boys sowing & clearing. Self & Cornelius sheared sheep for Hammond.

17 Tuesday
Boys at work on meadow. I took plaster to Barretts.

18 Wednesday
Boys sowing plaster by John Daniels. I went over to the Clark valley & found Otis Read's ox in our pasture.

19 Thursday
Washed sheep and got along well.

20 Friday
Intended to go to Reading but Father not so well & did not go. Cornelius took flock sheep to Browns to pasture & a flock to the Wheeler field. Began to clean the barn for shearing. A. C. Younglove & Luther came here grafting.

21 Saturday
Surveyed Esq Hills road in Wayne, took dinner at Charles Matthews, tea at Whitman Matthews & staid all night at Father Hoyts. Wife & Myra along.

22 Sabbath
Raining in afternoon, came home & found Father some better but has been quite unwell, Saturday night in particular. J.D.Blank here, Lewis Purs & wife here.

23 Monday
Went up and salted sheep at Browns.

24 Tuesday
Surveyed road from Bradford & Wayne line to George Teeples $2.50.

25 Wednesday
All hands on summer follow. Father so he walks about outdoors. Fine shower yesterday - rather cool.

26 Thursday
Surveyed for John Brundage & Waterous - Boys plowing, Azariah & Alden came back

27 Friday
Rainy dull weather, nothing doing in forenoon. Set a few grafts just night.

28 Saturday
A.C. & Alden went home - began to shear sheep. Self, Greek & little boys - Hill & Tom on summer follow.

29 Sabbath
Cool & rainy. Home til just night went up & saw J. M. Brundage. Harvy got hurt in pasture.

30 Monday
Rainy in forenoon & began to shear in afternoon. Levi Gray & wife & James Wallace & wife here on visit.

31 Tuesday
Sheared sheep all day & in afternoon F.M.Hammond helped.

June 1842

1 Wednesday
All hands & F.M.Hammond sheared sheep. Cold for several nights back, there has been frost & weather although clear is cool and grass grows very slowly. Tom planted corn this forenoon where the wireworm has been at work. Palmer here to dinner.

2 Thursday
Father unwell with colick again and continued so but better at night. F.M.Hammond sheared until the middle of the afternoon & then went home. G. N. Stone came about middle of afternoon & began. Tom planting over corn. Got a letter from Matilda, Myra sick.

3 Friday
Shearing, Stone, Huff & Co.

4 Saturday
Finished shearing & dipped about 40 ewes & their lambs & the flock of wethers & bucks in tobacco juice. John Stevenson here. About 9 o'clock in the evening there appeared a luminous band in the heavens extending from a little south of East to a little North of West - It appeared to be from 6 to 10 degrees wide & composed of a light vapour passing rapidly along like fog on the hill side & going from E to W while the whole band appeared to move southward - The wind was brisk & from the S. or S.W. It vanished in about 20 minutes after I first saw it. It was most singularly grand & leads the mind to reflect upon the vast works of the creator - Until the mind is lost in wonder & only would almost be willing to change the present form of existance for the chance of knowing something of future. However it is best to let futurity make its own disclosure & they may be more pleasing & attractive.

5 Sabbath
At home except went to the Post Office. Dry weather.

6 Monday
Dipped the sheep in tobacco & marked them with tar. Set apart 150 for sale & swoped 12 for a patent pump & 10 feet pipe.

7 Tuesday
This morning heavy frost & things much injured. Will & Cors in corn with the culivator. Tom in summer follow & self surveyed for Poppino & grafted some.

8 Wednesday
Went to Bath as a witness for J. D. Blank, the suit is put off until Sept. Fowler paid me $7.50 for 3 days surveying of lots 8 & 14 Tp. 4 in 2nd range. Cold & rainy, the weather has been so cold through the day that in the sitting rooms they had good fires & men were wrap't up in cloaks & overcoats. Father & Julia went out. Wm Rowell here.

9 Thursday
Set Will to plowing the hill orchard with Gray & Fanny. I went over on the creek beyond Sams to get pasture. Found some but did not find the owner. Shower just night.

10 Friday
Went up & fitted up the fence between Greeks job & the barn field. Rainy, went to H'port got sugar, tea & saleratus & a letter from Matilda. Set cabbage plants.

11 Saturday
Very cold & in Wheeler the ground froze and it snowed early in the morning. Went after Matilda, rode comfortably with my overcoat on & about noon when I turned to go North it was so cold that I put on gloves & buttoned up my overcoat.

12 Sabbath
Cool, came home by the way of W. S. Matthews & brot home some fruit buds.

13 Monday
Rainy all day, I set some buds. Cold - sold J. C. Longwell 138 sheep for $135.

14 Tuesday
Clear & some warmer. Will finished the hill orchard plowing. Boys planted beans. I had the toothache & set some buds.

15 Wednesday
All hands on summer follow.

16 Thursday
All hands on the summer follow & finished picking up the brush.

17 Friday
Sowed buckwheat on hill orchard in the forenoon. C.S.Y. harrowing Wm & Tom on the summer follow in afternoon attended the funeral of John Peterson who was killed yesterday by the fall of a tree while chopping follow. His leg was broken twice & his bowels crushed so that he lived but six hours after the accident but while he did live had his senses perfectly well.

18 Saturday
Served a supoena on E. G. Schofield to prove that I had surveyed on Hessel Smith & got a judgement of $2.00 all I asked. C.S.Y. harrowing on hill orchard & boys on summer follow. Mr & Mrs Dunning visited - afternoon rainy.

19 Sabbath
Went to hear a Mr. Coe preach in the Episcopal house. A young & quite smart man.

20 Monday
Surveyed for Frederick Cristler $1.50 - finished my cot bedstead. Boys on summer follow & C.S.Y. harrowing hill orchard.

21 Tuesday
Cool & in Clarks hollow there was a smart frost. Took flock sheep to John Agor. Boys on follow. C.S.Y. finished harrowing hill orchard.

22 Wednesday
Burned off heaps from summer follow & finished plowing the same. Got 4 bbls salt 11/.

23 Thursday
Rainy, got some plum & pear buds.

24 Friday
Hoeing potatoes, I set some buds in the pear sprouts by the root of large tree.

25 Saturday
Finished hoeing potatoes & hoed the corn. Greek & Wm Huff helped.

26 Sabbath
At meeting in forenoon & filed a deed for Crisler. Heavy shower.

27 Monday
Hauling off of Greeks job. I got small load of boards from Clark's mill.

28 Tuesday
Began to plow the Bill Rowel field for wheat. Put on three horses & took long plows.

29 Wednesday
Plowing, Boys & Creek clearing off. I never had plowing go better & I plow deep.

30 Thursday
Plowing, Greek & boys clearing off.

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