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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

January, February, March 1842

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

January 1842

1 Saturday
Went to H’port with Rickey to see Mr. Bostwick's perpetual Almanac. Rickey started home, I went over to see Samuel Baker & found him very low but partially sensible, in the evening Hill & wife here, all went to H. P. Mr Holmes & Miss Halsey here.

2 Sabbath
I went over to Bakers again & found him breathing his last. The night was to him spent in great pain although reason had gone, about 5 A.M. it was perceived that there was a change going on & the family was called. The pulse ceased to beat, the blood forgot to flow & the heart throb no more, yet he breathed at first tolerable strong and regular & continued to grow more weak & irregular until all motion ceased which was 8 minutes before 12. The lungs out lived all the rest of the system about six hours. I set up all night with the corpse. Very cold & the next day-

3 Monday
Attended the funeral, which was well attended. Mr Bostwick gave a most touching & appropriate address & the attendants were much affected.

4 Tuesday
Got the pleasure sleigh fixed, went to Hollandays vendue. D. Rose & wife & M. Brown took tea here. B. Streety & Petengale & ladies came down.

5 Wednesday
Doewin stack up barley. B. R. Streety, Petengale & ladies here. Father & self to Bath.

6 Thursday
Began sheeprack. Will threshed barley. Wind very high, blew down thermometer & broke it.

7 Friday
Self & Will went down & moved the cattle over to Barretts, I went to H’port, yesterday a stranger to town & after night was found in William’s barn hanging by a small rope to a rafter quite dead. Today a jury was called, his name proved to be James Baldwin, had been a stage driver.

8 Saturday
Surveyed road from H’port up to John Daniel’s. The H’port folks are in a great excitement about temperance. Lectures every night.

9 Sabbath
Wrote letter to Gillette. Girls went to Elder Bignalls quarterly meeting. Sam here all night.

10 Monday
Killed old red beef cow. Saml helped.

11 Tuesday
Sold beef & cleaned up 30 bush. barley.

12 Wednesday
Father, Julia, Wife & self to Bath & down to Frenches.

13 Thursday
Father took Lucinda home, Aunt Lizzy to Wheeler.

14 Friday
Drew four logs to Clark’s mill. Warm.

15 Saturday
Fitted up sheep racks. Father got back.

16 Sabbath
At home all day. Comfortable weather.

17 Monday
Bill drew 6 logs, self & old Barrett sawed 8 more.

18 Tuesday
Got 10 logs to mill. Warm & thawing, no snow in valley.

19 Wednesday
Oiled harness. Very warm & clear.

20 Thursday
Put stone & brush in creek.

21 Friday
Fixed creek, began to be cold & snow.

22 Saturday
Cold, worked at sheep rack. Will & Tom at wood.

23 Sabbath
Filed a deed for J. M. Brundage to George.

24 Monday
Finished off a sheep rack. Cold & clear.

25 Tuesday
Set up frame to sheep rack. Began to fodder off of the fourth stack.

26 Wednesday
Killed old buck & went to A. Brundages visit.

27 Thursday
Sold one half of for over $14 - 85 tallow.

28 Friday
Benj. Snered gave a temperance address, here all night. Cut some timber to build stable. Warm.

29 Saturday
Drew down some timber. Self a little unwell. John Gonsolus & wife here this evening. Quite warm. A heavy thunder shower, much lightning & heavy thunder.

30 Sabbath
At home all day. John & Ann here yet. A heavy south wind but quite warm. Rainy.

31 Monday
Father & self went to Bath & met Palmers & Holmes.

February 1842

1 Tuesday
Self & Will began to hew timber for stable. Quite warm & clear.

2 Wednesday
Put stone & brush in creek. Warm, today untop’t our last stack but one & I think at home we have foddered 3 tons more than half the hay & all the stalks.

3 Thursday
Will & self hewing timber. Father went up the hill. Warm.

4 Friday
Father, Will & self went up on pine ridge. Last night it began to rain & rained hard all night & this morning the streams were very high. The big bridge up valley carried away, through the day very pleasant ( a rainbow) but the sun set clear & warm, during the evening a dense fog & almost incessant but dim lightning, about 9 P.M. it began to thunder with vivid flashes of lightning & heavy showers followed.

5 Saturday
Got timber in forenoon & in afternoon went to caucus H’port. A little cold & spit snow some but moderate before night.

6 Sabbath
Froze some last night but warm today. Had a slight pain in my front teeth.

7 Monday
Went up to Clark’s mill about sawing.

8 Tuesday
Town meeting the Demo. ticket elected - cold & some snow.

9 Wednesday
Began to frame the stable. Cold in evening. Went over to Wm Bakers. School report.

10 Thursday
Mother quite sick, bad pain in left side. Doct Pulling came, gave heavy dose Calomel & followed with pils & salts together with a portion Jallop taken yesterday & yet but slight operation in eve. Doc came again & gave 1/3 drop croton oil. Very sick at stomach. Self at my framing. Warm.

11 Friday
Mother some better but towards night a slight fever & symptoms of returning inflamation. At frame - warm eve, rainy.

12 Saturday
At work at frame. Mother pretty sick. Warm & raising frost all out of ground.

13 Sabbath
Mother pretty sick yet, clear & warm. The snow has all disappeared & it has not frozen for two or three nights - 4 stack gone.

14 Monday
Mother quite sick yet this morning. Clear & not very cold but soon the wind rose & snow squalls began & tonight I think as cold as it has been all winter.

15 Tuesday
Cold. At my frame. Mother quite sick yet & Mrs Parker washing.

16 Wednesday
Mother a little better. Cold. At my frame.

17 Thursday
Mother about the same. Cold. Tap’t boot.

18 Friday
Mother better. Made sheep rack, quite cool.

19 Saturday
Mother not so well. Went up on pine ridge & cut rafters. Thomas cut wood up there. Went to school meeting.

20 Sabbath
Mother about as she has been for several days, much pain in her left side. Went self & wife to Presbyterian protracted meeting H’port & heard Mr. Judson from Prattsburgh, a very smart man.

21 Monday
Clear & cold. Wm went to Angels mill & got the last of our boards. Mother better. Storm ahead. Forty years today since Father & Mother were married.

22 Tuesday
Mother getting better. Mrs Parker washed. Fixed for raising stable.

23 Wednesday
Raised stable. Quite warm. Mother out in middle room for first time in two weeks.

24 Thursday
Started in afternoon for Lucinda. Went as far as Clizbes staid all night. Warm.

25 Friday
Went to Arkport & fed, went on to Showerses by 4 o’clock got Lucinda & started back by 5 & a little after 7 got back to Arkport. Staid all night at Careys Temperance house.

26 Saturday
Rainy. Started went over Harding hill to Bennetts & took breakfast. Dinner at Clizbes & home by 4 P.M. Rainy, windy & begins to be bad going. Self & Pierson went to H. P. I got tooth pulled. Last stack but one gone today & warm yet.

27 Sabbath
At home, wrote letters, warm very.

28 Monday
Tore down little shed & began to board roof of stable. Warm yet - toothache bad.

March 1842

1 Tuesday
Yet quite warm & has not froze since last Thursday night. Put a hot wire in my aching tooth. Finished boarding roof & began to shingle yet quite warm. Took 10 bush. chop to mill.

2 Wednesday
Shingling stable, Will spread dung in forenoon & in afternoon put up fence by John Daniels. Rainy or showery with some thunder.

3 Thursday
A very fine & handsome day. John Brundage & wife & Rachel Cameron here visit. Mr Bostwick here for cherry trees. I finished shingling stable. Will spread dung.

4 Friday
Underpinning the stable in forenoon & rainy in afternoon, last night a heavy thunder shower & today there has much rain fallen & continues to rain heavy now 7 P.M.

5 Saturday
My Birthday (28) This morning the water is very high, quite as high as it was a few weeks ago. It is estimated that yesterday & last night the water fell at least 8 inches. This morning it was some colder, wind from N.E. & some sleet laying on the ground but not freezing cold. School meeting. Cornelius Younglove sick with colick. Rains tonight.

6 Sabbath
Rained last night & this morning everything is covered with ice. Which is the first time that it has been cold enough to freeze since the twenty - fourth.

7 Monday
Framed sleepers etc. Cool.

8 Tuesday
Framing & put in sleepers, clear & warm.

9 Wednesday
Underpin’d the stable & visited M. H. Rose.

10 Thursday
Went to Bath, self, F. M. Hammond went Blanks bail for $500.00 for his appearance at the June term.

11 Friday
Went up to Clark’s mill & drew on our logs (20). Went over to Knapp & got 5 yard of cloth making 45 yds in all & paid $9.57 & he had $10 before. Cold & snowy.

12 Saturday
Surveyed for Adrian G. VanHouton, cold.

13 Sabbath
Father was taken with the colick last night & called me up a little after 11 o’clock P.M. very bad, at 4 sent for Doctor & during the day he was bled twice, one portion of salts, three croton oil, one calomel, one billious pills & 2 of gamboge. The physick did not operate until 8 o’clock P.M.

14 Monday
Self & Sam set up, medicine operating all night & Father much better. Tom began to work.

15 Tuesday
Self, Will & Tom began to get out plank for the stable floor. Snow squalls. Father getting well quite fast.

16 Wednesday
Attempted to hew but took ache & quit. Went to H. P. got some cresote which I think helped me. Went over to see Capt. Stone.

17 Thursday
Surveyed a road from Josiah Lewis to Mat. Clarks. Grafted some cherry. John Stevenson here. Wm began to plow hill orchard. Fine warm day.

18 Friday
Grafted cherry in forenoon & attended Capt. Amos Stones funeral in afternoon who died yesterday morning at 8 o’clock. Warm but prospect of rain.

19 Saturday
Began plowing on the flat for spring wheat with two horse teams. In the afternoon I went to sugar party over to camp. Warm very.

20 Sabbath
Went up to school house to meeting - no minister.

21 Monday
Plowed on flat - snowy & cold.

22 Tuesday
Cold & snowy. Went up to Greek & got plow & went to H’port to get it wooded.

23 Wednesday
Went up to Dan Mills after Lucinda & drew down plank for stable floor.

24 Thursday
Hewed & fitted floor plank. John Younglove came here at night with load of apples to sell.

25 Friday
Surveyed for Jesse Truesdel & Covert. Rainy bad weather. Got $2.00 & $1.00 due yet.

26 Saturday
Fitted floor plank. Will ploughing orchard.

27 Sabbath
At home - warmer - wrote to S. M. Bartlett etc.

28 Monday
Sowed spring wheat on flat.

29 Tuesday
Finished sowing 5½ acres spring wheat on flat.

30 Wednesday
Sowed grass seed on spring wheat, grafted cherry, went to Peter Depews raising. John & A. C. Younglove came here & all went to Mary Ann Brundages wedding.

31 Thursday
Went with A. C. Younglove & got some grafts from Mr. Bostwick. Went to Piersons school last day & in evening to party at A. M. Adsits given to Taggart.

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