The Crooked Lake Review

Winter 2006

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Issue No.138

About this Issue

Highway Geology
by Stephen Lewandowski

Stagecoach Hotels in Mendon
by John G. Sheret

Early Travel by Stagecoach
by Richard Palmer

New York Timeline 1828, Part IV
by David Minor

Glancing Backward
January, February, March 1906 and 1956

by Beth Flory

Personal Reflections on the Genesee River

by Thomas D. Cornell

A Tilted Saucer of Delight, Chap. 2, cont.
by Grace Shults Fox

A Chicken Coop Enterprise
by Donovan A. Shilling

Slaying the Dragon
by P. J. Erbley

Wintertime Railroading
provided by Richard Palmer

Timothy Meigs Younglove's Diary
January, February, March 1842

compiled by L. Paul Wood

T. M. Younglove's 1841 Visit to Michigan

Timothy Howland's Journey to Michigan
by John G. Sheret

March 11, 2006 NSG Meeting in Piffard
by Bill Treichler

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