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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

June, July, August 1841

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

June 1841

1 Tuesday
Raised the underwork & sills of our barn & the corner where the ground is the lowest the sil is eleven feet from the ground. Bailey on the ground. This night I expected to hear from Matilda but Julia Ann & Miss Moore have just returned from the village & nothing at the Post Office for me. What the reason could be I am wholly at a loss to know unless she is gone to Hornby & this must be the case for if she had got my last letter she would have written certainly.

2 Wednesday
Father, Bailey, Thomas & self worked on barn frame. Wm & Cornelius sowing & harrowing oats. We calculate to raise day after tomorrow.

3 Thursday
Bailey & Thomas at work on frame all day. Self in forenoon & in afternoon I invited the hands to help raise tomorrow. Went to Hamport got a letter from Matilda & she & Myra are both well. Ira Clisbe here today.

4 Friday
Raised the barn, had a good lot of hands & everything in good order. The building went up well & no accident whatever.

5 Saturday
Went to Bath, saw H. Brother & Howell, got back by noon, in afternoon went to Reading after Matilda, found her & Myra both quite well. Myra improved very in walking & now runs all round although she cannot creep or get up on her feet without help. Hoyts all well as usual. (warm & boys hoeing corn)

6 Sabbath
Came home from Reading, very warm & thunder shower just night which cooled the air & this is the first rain we have had since a week ago last Monday & the ground has been dry.

7 Monday
Began to shear sheep, Isaac Cook, Thomas, Cornelius & self sheared 81. Wm ploughing buckwheat ground on hill. Warm & dry. Weaning baby.

8 Tuesday
Isaac Cook, Thomas, Greek, Stoddard & Osterhout, Cornelius & self sheared sheep & Wm ploughed on hill. Shower. O. Hoyt here on his way to Bath, a witness on Sweezy's trial.

9 Wednesday
Cook, Greek, Stoddard, Osterhout, Thomas & self sheared. Will plowed on hill.

10 Thursday
Cook, Greek, Stoddard, Osterhout, Thomas & self shearing, Wm at work in corn. O. Hoyt here, left the lawyers summing up the Sweezy trial. J. B. Stevenson here & Dan Hedges. Th 67.

11 Friday
Finished shearing just night, have not counted the fleeces but they are generally heavy & in first rate order. Today a fine shower & very much needed. Th 68.

12 Saturday
Father & Self went up & trimmed the lambs & Father & Cornelius took them to the Wheeler pasture. I went in the afternoon to H'port & met H. Brother, J. Bennet & L.C. Dunning & settled the Biteridge & Harried claim. Took C. Dunnings note for $58.00.

13 Sabbath
At home all day, shot two woodchucks. The weather fine & cool. Julia came home from Sams where she went yesterday.

14 Monday
Hoed corn — showery.

15 Tuesday
Hoed corn & potatoes, Greek helped — went to H'port bot chip hat 5/ & a pair of gambroon pants of King for $2.75.

16 Wednesday
Hoed potatoes & Will ploughed buckwheat. Watched with Saml Baker very sick.

17 Thursday
Went on the hill & drew stone to fill up by new barn door. Will ploughed. Rain in afternoon. F. S. Hackley here all night.

18 Friday
Rainey, packed away the wool, in afternoon went up the hill & staked out the summer follow in front of Bushes.

19 Saturday
Drew boards, 3 loads from Angels & Clarks to the new barn on the hill, went to H'port in evening. Boys fencing the summer fallow.

20 Sabbath
At home most of the day. Tried the thermometer in the spring, found it to stand at 49 precisely.

21 Monday
Drew boards to barn & one load house logs on summer follow. A. C. Younglove here.

22 Tuesday
Bailey came to finish barn but so lame that he could not work. Marked out our gable end & I sawed it. He went home. Father & I went at the old barn. Cor & Tom began the summer fallow & broke their plow. Will at buckwheat ground.

23 Wednesday
Morning Father & me went to H'port bot Idea plough of Wm Randel for $6.50. Jacob Willhelm here worked on barn. Will began to sow buckwheat. Rain some just night.

24 Thursday
Worked on barn. Cal Angel helped, Barret & Greek ploughing potatoes. Th 71.

25 Friday
Surveyed road on South hill & then a 35 acre lot for Simmons & Orin Webster. Willhelm at work at barn.

26 Saturday
Self & Willhelm at work at barn, rainey & we did not do much. Wm ploughing potatoes. Thomas unwell & did not work. Kill'd calf.

27 Sabbath
Sam & self went over the valley, Tom Baker & A. C. Younglove came back with us. Sat up with Sam Baker, poorly.

28 Monday
Father & self went work at old barn, boys plowing summer follow.

29 Tuesday
P. Harrison, J. Peck & self all day & Charley Clark day shingling. Boys on summer follow.

30 Wednesday
Bailey, P. Harrison & self all day & Perry Stratton day shingled barn. Most done. Th 78.

July 1841

1 Thursday
Plowed potatoes & corn. Boys hoed potatoes. A. S. Gregory called in forenoon. Corn tassels & corn quite large.

2 Friday
Finished hoeing corn.

3 Saturday
Finished shingleing the barn. A. C. Younglove & self went to H'port in afternoon. Father & boys worked on road. Tom unwell.

4 Sabbath
65 years ago today the United States declared themselves independent of Great Britain & since that time the change on this side the great water has been so great that it is beyond description. Even the great Atlantic has tapered down to a 12 day journey.

5 Monday
Went up the hill, sorted out some sheep to sell. A small shower. Went to H'port found the whole village almost out in the steamboat riding in the evening — threw fireballs.

6 Tuesday
Went up & sowed some buckwheat. The State Geological Surveyor came up on the hill, I went with him on the top of Squire Read's hill. The mercury stood 27.3 & 6/1000 of 0 inches while at tide water it stands at 30 inches & mercury in the barometer sinks one inch for every 1000 ft elevation. Thunder showers.

7 Wednesday
Self & William ploughing on follow. William Barret moving fence & cutting hedge. Thomas unwell yet.

8 Thursday
Finished plowing follow and began at buckwheat. I went down to sawmill & got ox yoke sticks. Wm Barret clearing away hedge.

9 Friday
Hoed potatoes, Cornelius finished harrowing in the buckwheat. Tom began to work again.

10 Saturday Surveyed for Sam Simmons in Pulteney as road on South hill & a road in the town of Bath by order of Judge Hammond. Father & boys fixed going in place at new barn.

11 Sabbath
At home all day, fixed a board at my window to write on. Wrote a letter to Rickey & another to Gillette.

12 Monday
Began to mow. Perry Stratton, Colwell Townsend, Will, Tom & self. Father went to Obd. Wheelers to get the forks fixed. Ira Clizbee called here this evening & told us of John Loders cutting his throat at about 12 o'clock noon today. He had been down to H'port & had drank too much, went home & began to quarrel with his wife, got the butcher knife & threatened her life but she eluded his grasp, he then cut his own throat from ear to ear but is not yet dead.

13 Tuesday
Mowed in forepart of day & in afternoon put up 320 cocks. Father went to H'port & bot a new horserake for $8.00.

14 Wednesday
Greek began & Moses Wintchill came down, drew in 15 loads of hay & put up 5 or 6 more. Aunt Lizzy came with Uncle & Aunt Aulls - wool buyers here.

15 Thursday
At work at hay, got in four loads, a small shower just night. C. Townsend unwell in afternoon.

16 Friday
At work at the hay, rain some in forenoon. Mr. & Mrs. Bostwick called here last night. I paid my subscription $3.00, Father paid him $2.00 cash & the rest in cider - $3.00.

17 Saturday
At work at the hay all hands. Seven load of hay & about 200 cocks up. Myra one year old today, fat & healthy.

18 Sabbath
At home, went down to the creek, cherries very good. Sam & Lydia down today on horseback.

19 Monday
All hand at work at the hay, got in 14 loads.

20 Tuesday
Finished mowing the lower meadow & the little meadow. I cut my finger pretty bad with the scythe. Edward Sweet brot my watch from the city. I paid $3.00.

21 Wednesday
All hands at hay, got 9 loads.

22 Thursday
All hands at hay, got 17 loads.

23 Friday
All hands at hay, got loads. Greek quit at noon. Thunder shower passed to the south. Finished mowing at home.

24 Saturday
Got through haying at home, 10 loads. Self grunting with the tooth-ache down & saw Pulling, gave me a little medicine for a wash.

25 Sabbath
Very bad with the toothache all day. Showers went round but none came here.

26 Monday
Began to mow on the hill. Self poorly with the tooth. Saw Pulling says it won't do to have it out.

27 Tuesday
Hands at work on hill. Self quite unwell, went over to Bakers. Prospect of rain.

28 Wednesday
All hands at hay. Self went to Sams, got some potatoes. Face broke & feel pretty well. A. C. Younglove & wife here.

29 Thursday
Self well, all hands at work on hill.

30 Friday
Self & Col. Townsend at work at wheat on the flat, rest on the hill at hay.

31 Saturday
Self & Col Townsend at work in wheat on flat, about 10 o'clock began to rain & continued rainy nearly all day which is the first we have had since the sixth & the dryst time I have ever know. Pasture all dryed up, potatoes & corn suffering much.

August 1841

1 Sabbath
Went to Bath with F. M. Hammond. Mr. Wisner here all night.

2 Monday
All hands up to Barrets except Tom mowing barley. Cor. taking up flax, self & Col Townsend cut 19 doz wheat. A. C. Younglove went home.

3 Tuesday
Finished mowing on hill — two of L. Warners boys helped.

4 Wednesday
Wm & Thomas drew in the wheat down here — worked in wheat on hill in forenoon — finished haying in afternoon.

5 Thursday
Worked in wheat on hill, shower just night.

6 Friday
Went self & father to Waterloo factory, staid all night at Bologna, Saturday went to factory with 33 fleeces 78 pounds got $0.50 in cloth. Back to Uncle Aarons staid the night.

8 Sabbath
Came home, while we were gone the boys finished chopping Drakes job. Rain tonight.

9 Monday
Self, Will, Tom & Greek worked in wheat. Father & Mother went to Bath. I killed a rattlesnake.

10 Tuesday
Self, Will & Tom in wheat. Tom & Father stacked the barley in afternoon. Drew in 44 doz wheat.

11 Wednesday
Self, Will & Tom all day in wheat & Greek day.

12 Thursday
Self, Will & Tom all day in Wheat & Greek half day. Wm Baker here in evening.

13 Friday
Self, Will, Tom & Cornelius worked in wheat, finished drawing in all 220 doz.

14 Saturday
Went up & burned Rosses & Drakes job, Father & boys took the lambs from the ewes. J. F. Andrews & wife here. Self & Matilda went to H'port.

15 Sunday
Self & Matilda took Miss Moore to Kenneydaville, wrote to J. H. Hill.

16 Monday
Fishing day — all went but Will, Matilda & Julia went berrying, got a fine mess & we got about 75 small lake fish.

17 Tuesday
Burned Barret's follow. Hosea Longwell & Garret Rosenkrans here all night.

18 Wednesday
Surveyed for Snider & Hustings $41/4. Nelson Clark began to lay barn floor.

19 Thursday
All hands at work at barn. Nelt Clark helping.

20 Friday
Father went to Wayne hotel. Self, boys & Clark at work at barn. Finished floor. J. H. Hill came here on his way to Kenneyadville.

21 Saturday
Went with Hill to H'port in forenoon and in afternoon went to Kennedyville to Hill's wedding. A fine company & pleasant time. Mr. Hosmore officiated. Staid all night &

22 Sabbath
Came home Sabbath morn. Filled a deed. J. M. Brundage here, we made out Miss Moores school bill, a small shower last night.

23 Monday
Went up & marked & sorted sheep, took 150 young ewes to Wheeler pasture. Will got two loads wood.

24 Tuesday
Leveled up the old barn. Clark worked. Will began to plow on summer follow. Tom began to cut oats.

25 Wednesday
Sorted some sheep in forenoon & went H'port. Boys at work on summer follow.

26 Thursday
Father, Clark & self at barn. Will at follow & Tom at oats. Cold rain. B. R. Streety came to town last night.

27 Friday
Father, Clark & self at barn. Will at follow & Tom cutting oats. Cold no rain of amount.

28 Saturday
Self sold Sam's & Palmer's wool to J. J. Poppino for 40 cents amt $116.40 — A good deal of company. Mrs. Hosmer all night.

29 Sabbath
Warm, the thermometer stood at 86 when it was cloudy, rained hard for a few minutes, thundered & lightning — filed deed.

30 Monday
Self & Thomas got some timber for shed. Will at follow & Father at Bath. Bot valisse for $5.00.

31 Tuesday
Self & Tom got out timber most of the day & began to take up oats. Rainy thunder showers but not much water fell. John Finch came & got his deed, paid me $1.75 — Miss Sherwood here — I paid Sam for his wool $45.80.

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