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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

February, March 1841

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

February 1841

1st Mon
Father started to Allegany after Lucinda. Mother went to Mrs Bullards. I drew two loads wood. About noon commenced snowing from N.E. quite fast.

2 Tues
This day is the middle of winter, we have foddered 5½ stacks of hay & have 5½ left, the south hay in the barn & 1/3 of the north hay left. The hay all gone at Drakes & 1/3 gone at Greeks or more - Drew wood from the hill by J. Daniels. Father not yet home. Snow 4 to 6 inches & sleighing good.

3 Wednesday
Cold windy. Henry Kingsbury & wife came here & made us a visit & went back to Clizbe’s. Father & Mother came home brot Lucinda Showers.

4 Thurs
I drew two loads wood. Father went to H’port got the sleigh fixed. I went down to the village in the evening & bot S.S.Havens note of M. Brown $137.26 dated Dec 9, 1840 due Jan 1st 1842 gave him $131.50. Wm Baker & wife, Sam Bakers wife & Cecelia here - Myra well.

5 Friday
Drew sawlogs, I drew 5 to Angels & Ross drew 3 to Clarks mill. Greek & H. sawing logs & shingle stuff. Went to J. Larrows & made an evening visit. Total eclipse on moon.

6 Sat
Drew sawlogs. I drew 5 to Angels & Ross drew 3 to Clarks brot home a load of rails.

7 Sabbath
At home all day reading Argus & Rough Hewer. Gillette here.

8 Monday
Drew two logs to Angels & Ross & me drew 10 to Clarks, finished all but one large one. Deacon Striker here with clover seed.

9 Tuesday
Town meeting. The Democrats made a regular nomination & some of the dissatisfied ones went into the Whig caucas & got a nomination of them. One prominent one was B. D. Malory merely for the sake of getting the nomination for Town Clerk. The Whigs [had] a ticket throughout but more than one half of them were Democrats - gave it the name of the Union ticket.

10 Wednesday
Went to Bath, saw H. Brother about the Josiah Bennet business says he will attend to it soon. Pretty cold.

11 Thursday
Went To Reading with Matilda, visited at W. S. Matthews, B. R. Hurds & O. Hoyts. Went to Jefferson saw Dr. Wadkins mill. Reading in a great stir about Sweezys awakening. Several of the respectable citizens have enlisted & carried the business so far that the common practise was for a man & woman to leave the room & be absent alone for some 10 or 15 minutes & a common practise in presence of the believers to salute with a (holy) kiss & a few days ago Jane Calvart swore a rape on Sweezy & he is now bound over under bonds of $1000. Very cold on the 11, 12, 13, & 14 returned home.

15 Monday
Took the weathers 230 up to Greeks & moved over six racks brot up the last of the stack off of the flat. Wm Boyd helped me. Quite windy but not very cold.

16 Tuesday
Father, Mother, Matilda & self went to Uncle Aarons via Penn Yan. Called at Hoyts - Father bot a thermometer. I left my chronometer with Scott to be fixed, stoped at Doc Chissoms, he gone to Herkimer Co. Got tea & went to Uncles. Weather very comfortably.

17 Weds
Went to Bethel. Moses & wife, John & Azubah, Self & wife went to Capt Perrys. Brot A.C.Y. & Margette down to Uncles.

18 Thurs
Left there about ten o’clock A.M. & got home at 4 P.M. Sophia Aulls died this afternoon. Warm. 10

19 Friday
I drew 12½ bush plaster up to Drakes & Father drew 4½ making 17 bushels in all.

20 Saturday
Father sick, I went after the Doc early in morning, quite sick all day. Took two portions of calomel & jallop early in the day & followed it up with oil castor. Pulling came late in evening & found him no better & the physick not sufficiently operated & I think he was conciderably alarmed, but he repeated the medicine with two more heavy doses which operated at intervals (though moderately) through the night & in morning rather better. James M. Brundage & self set up.

21 Sunday
Pulling came found Father on the mend & commenced giving Dover powders, continues to be better through the day. Set up again with Gillette.

22 Monday
Father materially better, disease fairly cured. Isaac Ross & his mother went home. I hung up the meat and built a fire under it. Greek got pair taps. Ross order on Wm Randell for $1.00. Sam Brundage here in evening, Sam Younglove all night. Weather warm & roads muddy.

23 Thursday
Father got well has set up considerable & walked about the house some. I fixed his chair & went to H’port got some brandy for him. Cold.

24 Wednesday
J. Larrowe & wife came up here in forenoon, she staid & he came after her. I went to H’port after the buckwheat flour, got part of it, got buttons e/c for my coat. Father well.

25 Thursday
Helped Cornelius cypher algebra all day. Went with Julia & Matilda to H.P. just night. M. Brown & Mr Smith got 1½ bush. apples.

26 Friday
Drew 5 loads of wood from the hill by John Daniels. Very warm. Gillette here for the night.

27 Saturday
Self & Wm Boyd went up the hill & got the cattle, took the sheep over to the Jesse house. Went H’port got measured for coat.

28 Sabbath
Went to hear Mr. Wilson in forenoon & went with Gillette to see Wm Hill in afternoon. Cyphered algebra compared different modes of doing the 10# problem on 214 page of Davies first lessons. My way was thot to be best - Let X = B’s dis & X = 18 A’s & y the time x/y = B’s rate & x + 18/y A’s rate & B’s dis x/15 5/4 at A’s dis x +18y = B’s rate then A first = his second rate x + 18y = xd/15 ¾ = 63x + 1134 = 4xy B’s first = his second rate x/y = x + 18/28 = 28x + 18y reduced gives X = 54 & X + 18 = 72 ans.



Monday 1st.
Went to John McCaslins to get him to come & hew timber for a new barn, he lives some 4 miles above Bath on the turnpike. Very pleasant and muddy. Court week in Bath. I got my Rough Hewer & Log Cabin from Underhill's paid $1.00 for binding. Also got Nortons deed from the Clerk's office. Rode Shawny. Th. 38 [thermometer read 38.5 degrees].

2 Tuesday
Went to mill with some feed for old ox. Went H'port & got the buckwheat flour, got my coat cut. Mr Wilson & wife here & Mr Wesner came here to tea. D.P.Pulling, Mr Lanning, Nancy J and Mary J. Corkins spent the evening here, Gillette here also. Th 28

3 Wednesday
Went up the hill and got the bush hooks & ground them. Went to H'port & took 20 bush. wheat to Mallorys mill & two bush. buckwheat for Sam Greek. William Boyd began work for the summer. Th 26.

4 Thursday
Began cutting brush on the hill above Iras. Just night I went down and got the grist. Th 23

5 Friday
Butchered old Brik & he was fat, as much tallow as I could carry to the house. About 1 o'clock the heavens presented the most singular phenomenon I have ever yet witnessed. At noon I discovered several sundogs & again when I looked at 1 o'clock the prospect was similar to the figure on the following page. The circles B. C. Were elipses & S. the sun was in the one faci of each elipse & where the periphery of the elipses crossed each other at A. it formed a large bright luminous spot a little tinged with the colors of the rainbow & ending in a bright silvery appearance on the side farthest from the sun. D was a large luminous circle with the sun in the Southern most extremity as represented in the cut - E. E. were rainbows as perfect as if formed by an April shower except that they did not extend to the horizon. This is my birthday 27 years old today. Went to H'port just night.

6 Saturday
Took both forequarters of old Brik down to H'port, sold Benton 70 P 4 - S. Hunt 70 P 6 & 68 P 4 T. White 35 P 6 d H. Ripley 79 P 5 D. Rose 55 P 6d & A. Brundage 74 P 4 Amounting to $22.77 — ground the broad axe & 3 chopper axes. Snow a little all day & near night snowed hard & 10 o'clock P.M. snows fast from N.E

7 Sabbath
At home all day took Matilda, Julia, Lucinda, Mrs Taylor & Jane Cook down to meeting. Wm Boyd took Aunt Lizzy over to Uncle Aull's. Snow very heavy & 8 inches deep. J. M.Brundage & Gillette here.

8 Monday
Good sleighing, Self & Will drew 7 loads wood from hill & 23 bush. plaster from Mallory's. Matilda, Julia, Gillette & self visit at M.H.Roses. Mr Dunning & wife here on a visit. Paid up the mortgage $5.04 on the estate.

9 Tuesday
30 — Went up the hill with the plaster we got yesterday & brot home two loads poles. Went down to H'port & got 20 bush. plaster more & took up. Riley's house took fire today but I have not learned the amt. of the injury or the circumstances.

10 Wednesday
Freezing 32 — Self drew wood & one log to Sam Bakers mill for sheep racks. Julia went up to Evalines with Wm Holmes. Self & Matilda took her to Bath. I went to see H. Brother, says he will do something about the Bitteridge Slater business. Mr & Mrs Daniels & Uncle Benj. Eaton here visit. Cecelia Higgands invited us to her wedding to be the 30th March.

11 Thursday
Th 19 — Self & Will drew up the last stack of hay off of the flat. 12 loads. Went in evening down to H'port, got stovepipe & crock for schoolhouse—paid $1.88.

12 Friday
Th 31 — Went over & put one joint of the pipe on the stove & carried back two joints & the crock. Went down & helped M. Brown move a barn & Neal a house. Come home & found John & A.C.Younglove here. Snow very hard.

13 Sat
Th. 32 — John & Azariah here, went with them to H'port. Very stormy & snow deep.

14 Sabbath
Self & Matilda went up to Evalines. Snowy & windy, the next day went on, left Julia at Browns. Matilda & Self went to McQuiggs. Called on Alvah & Phebe, found Mrs McQuiggs but himself not at home. She very pleasant woman went with us to Uncle Tim Hills, young man there with the measles. Aunt Harriet got in with us, went to Naples. Saw C. Luther, returned & got to Browns about sunset. Staid all night & went to the theatre in evening. Next morning very snowy but came home ( snow up the river is said to be 5 feet deep in woods.)

16 Tues evening
When got home found Gillette here & Augusta Hoyt.

17 Wednesday
Finished my map of H'port. Mr & Mrs Rose, Mr & Mrs Larrowe & Mrs Metcalf here on visit. Evaline & Palmer came here today.

18 Thursday
Th 28 — Went to Bath with Osander Dunning to see about the Bitteridge Slater affair. Josiah Bennet came here this morning & says he has nothing to do with the affair & denies Aarons estate having any claim whatever. Came home, went to H'port after Matilda & Julia visiting at Roses.

19 Friday
Th 43 — Went with J.J.Poppino to Mr Dunnings to see those sheep belonging to Aaron's estate. Came home & made a jack to saw wood on.

20 Saturday — Th 39 Took Hovey home, Gillette went along & we went through the county house. Saw fat Sally 18 years old & weighs 300 pounds. Came home found Mrs M.H.Rude & Mrs E.B.Pulling here, Martin & Lanning came up in eve.

21 Sabbath
Home all day. Mother, Julia & Lucinda at meeting.

22 Monday
Went to Mr. Dunnings & picked out the sheep belonging to the estate of A.Y. dec'd & took them to S.B.Younglove. C.S.Y. went with me. Staid all night.

23 Tuesday
Came home from Sams. Rainy in forenoon but cleared off in afternoon. Hard south wind & snow pretty much gone.

24 Wednesday
Th 45 — At home all day, put handle in old Dickeys peck. Father went down & got the saws sharpened to begin trimming apples. Cornelius gone to Prattsburg to exhibition at Academy.

25 Thursday
Th. 45 — Surveyed for David Kingsley in forenoon — got 10/ — am to fill a deed. Frank Baker here in evening. Father went to Angels and Clarks mills. Drake move away.

26 Friday
Went to Angel's mill & piled 100 boards in one three cornered pile. Wm Randell & wife here in eve.

27 Saturday
Th 45 — Trimmed apple trees in forenoon & afternoon went to J.M. Gillette, his last day, settled with him & paid him off $90.00 for 4 months. We hired him for $16.50 but as he has performed & done his duty like a gentleman, we made an advance of $3.50 per month for his extra diligence. Some thunder & lightning last night & tonight for first.

28 Sabbath
Th 42 — Rain some but only a little. At home all day. William Smith died this morning at 2 o'clock, funeral tomorrow at 2 P.M. This evening James Monroe Gillett left for Ellicottville, D.J. Pulling & Lanning went with him to Bath from there he will take stage in the morning.

29 Monday
Th 44 — Rainy from N.E., about 9 o'clock D.J.Pulling and Lanning came back from Bath & stop'd to get an umbrella, none at home, went up & mended a hole in the road in forenoon. Went to William Smiths funeral in afternoon. Thomas Boyd rode Sawney home & came back.

30 Tuesday
Th 23 — Went over to Clark's mill & piled our lumber - 4312 feet. Father & Thomas with me & at Angel's finished piling 3691 in all making 8003 feet, to pay $3.00 per thousand for sawing. Thomas began to work.

31 Wednesday
Th 40 — Self & Thomas went up & took Ross & began to get out timber for the barn, flatted 3 long sticks. Barnet Retan here after me to survey.

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