The Crooked Lake Review

Spring 2003

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Table of Contents

Issue No. 127

About this Issue

1901: A Hammondsport Odyssey
by Kirk House

A History of John W. Jones, Conclusion
by Barbara S. Ramsdell

The John W. Jones Museum in Elmira

My Wallet of Receipts
by Gary Lehmann

Old-Time Public Transportation
by Richard Palmer

A Word — To Give, Take, Keep
by Stephen S. Lewandowski

Glancing Backward
by Beth Flory

New York City / State Timeline: 1822
by David Minor

What Ya Up To Now, Ben?
by Paul S. Worboys

Rochester's Urban Renewal Project
by Donovan Shilling

Keep the Cattle out of the Meadows
by Richard Palmer

Photo Album:
George Howard with his Ewe and Five Lambs

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