The Crooked Lake Review

Spring 2003

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About the Spring 2003 Issue

Note from the Editors

This issue begins with the months of January, February and March from Kirk House’s Hammondsport Odyssey: 1901. Kirk relates life in the locality of Hammondsport with world events at the first of the 20th century.

We conclude Barbara Ramsdell’s story of John W. Jones. She tells of his work burying the soldiers who died in the Elmira prison camp. Mrs. Ramsdell is secretary to the John W. Jones Museum.

Gary Lehmann describes a system of barter accounting practised in a rural community near Cooperstown 170 years ago. Gary found an old wallet handed down in his family that contained the trade notations.

Richard Palmer writes of the passing of the stage-coach era, and of the “runners” who enticed travelers to patronize hotels. Dick also provided an early stage and train schedule and an old newspaper account of an excursion trip.

The center pages carry an essay by Stephen Lewandowski recognizing Sheldon Fisher’s example of respecting treaties and honoring personal commitments.

Selections from Beth Flory’s Glancing Backwards column from the Naples Record include local items carried 50 and 100 years ago in the Record.

David Minor’s regular feature Timeline in this issue recounts year 1822 happenings around the state. You can hear him at 10:15 Saturday mornings from WXXI-FM (91.5).

Paul Worboys relates the colorful career of Ben Peer in and around Honeoye Falls, New York, as successful hop farmer, real estate developer, vegetable gardener, and long-time promoter of dances, baseball games, and aerial stunts.

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