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Winter 2003

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Review of

Pioneer History

of the Holland Purchase

contributed by Richard Palmer

Utica Daily Observer


PIONEER HISTORY OF THE HOLLAND PURCHASE OF WESTERN NEW YORK, embracing some account of the Ancient Remains--a brief history of our immediate predecessors, the confederated Iroquois, their system of government, wars, etc.--a synopsis of Colonial History--some notes on the Border Wars of the Revolution, and a History of Pioneer Settlement under the auspices of the Holland Company; including Reminisences of the War of 1812; the origin, progress and completion of the Erie Canal, etc., etc., etc.

This is a large octavo work of near 700 pages, by O. Turner, Esq., of Lockport, and published by Jewett, Thomas & Co., Buffalo. As its title indicates, this is an uncommonly comprehensive work, of the character, yet it will be found difficult, on examination, to dismember it of any of its parts, and retain a connected faithful and intelligent history. Less inclined to prolixity than many of our modern book makers, and yet sufficiently attentive to an ample elucidation of his text, the author has succeeded in rearing a structure, to remove any part of which, must inevitably mar the just proportions of the whole. Possessing an highly intelligent and vigorous mind, his own personal knowledge of the subjects treated, incident to a long residence in that section of the State, an intimate acquaintance with many of the old pioneers, and his persevering industry in making the laborious researches involved, have combined to produce a work, comprehending such a mass of exceedingly interesting facts and statistics, as cannot fail to render it an invaluable treasure to the descendants of those hardy pioneers, and the present inhabitants of the extensive region embraced in the Holland Purchase. It will also be readily perceived from the scope of the author, that this history is necessarily so intimately connected and interwoven with men and events in other parts of the State, as to make it vastly interesting everywhere within, if not beyond, the boundaries of New York.

The work is very appropriately inscribed to the surviving Pioneers of the Holland Purchase, and their descendants, and is embellished with beautiful portraits of Joseph Ellicott, Augustus Porter, Benjamin Barton, Paul Busti, J. J. Vanderkemp, Louis LeCouteulx, Ebenezer Mix, Peter B. Porter and Samuel Wilkeson, all distinguished pioneers. It is also illustrated with a series of appropriate engravings showing the progress of civilization to the present time, in that territory, together with carefully prepared maps of the eight counties adapted to localities as they now exist.

For the information of the legal profession we will also add, that it embraces a careful legal deduction of the title to the lands embraced in the Holland Purchase.

The work is only to be obtained from the agent, who will be in our city in the course of a week or ten days, and we cheerfully commend it to the consideration of our citizens.

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