The Crooked Lake Review

Spring 2002

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What is a Crooked Lake Review?


Ed Harris

Whence such a name?
Native Americans of antiquity, anthropologists say,
named the lake for its shape.
Lighter-skinned arrivals soon interpreted
and Anglicized Keuka to Crooked.
Whence came the "Reviewers"? Treichlers all:
Bill and Martha - Editors, Publishers, Proprietors
with offspring Rachel, Joseph, George, Barbara and John
from Troy Mills, Linn County, Iowa, (population-950)
on the Wapsipinicon River, about twenty-five miles north
of Cedar Rapids, at parents' Birch Lake Farm.
There our gentle, caring, good-natured souls
were challenged by Ralph Borsodi's decentralism whereby
the farm supplies all the wheat, corn, butter, cheeses, eggs, beef,
fruits and vegetables needed. A creative way of living.
True Americans, they moved. In 1966, to Carbondale, Colorado.
In 1968, to Vershire, Vermont, both to work at boarding schools;
Martha teaching and Bill working with the school's livestock and fields.
"Let's move again," they said in 1975 and landed on eighty-eight acres
sitting on a hilltop at the south end of THE CROOKED LAKE,
Steuben County, Post Office, Hammondsport, New York.
A daughter bought a computer, they say,
and the REVIEW saw (in minds) first glow - next day.
Whence the scribes with furrowed brows who
with pen in hands push words that once in Treichler print,
glow lustrous black from golden cream pages.
Scribes like that.
Ask John Rezelman, anchor writer since Issue No. 4, 1988:
Ask Dick Sherer (No. 5) or [Don Rowland (No. 6)
and] Francis Dumas (No. 12).
Great By-lines to lead the way for
Long time polished writer's and not so
polished wannabee's like me,
I say its a salubrious diversity.
Whence they? You ask, Hear Me:
Elmira, Elba, and Chautauqua,
Big Flats, Bath, Bluff Point, and Fishers,
Hammondsport, Penfield, and Rochestah.
New York State all.
With names from Anderson to Wisbey.
I fear to list them all lest myself be missed, or
if you insist, another page there will be.
- by Husky Norris, (CLR No. 17)
[Ed Harris, 5 - 17 - '94]

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