The Crooked Lake Review

Spring 2001

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About the Spring 2001 Issue

Note from the Editors

Gerry Muhl writes in the first article of this issue, about the long period when coins of many countries circulated freely in the U. S. and were accepted as legal tender and even counterfeited. Gerry is a past president of the Rochester Numismatic Association and has had articles published in major numismatic journals. His article about local printing of fractional currency during the Civil War, appeared in CLR 113.

Richard Palmer found the letter written in 1869 by Thomas Richmond telling of the early salt production in Onondaga County. Salt was used as an exchange medium in places where there was very little money. Richmond traded salt for cattle, drove them to Salt Point and sold beef for salt. He could get cash only for hides and tallow candles. Dick Palmer is editor of the Baldwinsville Messenger.

David Minor covers the years 1811 and 1812 in his New York Timeline. Be sure to check out his home page, at http://home.eznet/~dminor and his newsletter and page of meeting announcements, exhibit notices and museum/gallery links in and about New York State. You can hear David every Saturday morning at 11 on WXXI-FM (91.5). He produces historical research materials for authors and students under the name Eagles Byte.

Stephen Lewandowski recalls in his essay, Grandmother's Kitchen Cupboard, all of the kettles and pans, flour, spices and medicines, cookbooks, hot pads, matches and keys his grandmother kept in her kitchen work center, all of them fascinating for an inquisitive boy. Steve lives now in Naples. His "Three Sisters In Jerusalem," gardening the Seneca way with corn, beans, and squash was in CLR #74, May 1994.

Gary Emerson's biography of John Magee continues with a chapter on the acrimonious 1861 election battle between Magee and his former business partner Charles Cook for a New York Assembly seat. The Chemung Canal entered into the political campaign. Gary Emerson is author of A Link in the Chain, a history of the Chemung Canal. He presented a program on the canal at the Corning-Painted Post Historical Society May 15, 2001, and at the Chemung County Historical Society on January 18, 2001.

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