The Crooked Lake Review

Summer 2000

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Issue No. 116

About this Issue

Rescuing Angels
by John Rezelman

A Biography of John Magee
Chapter Three, "Becoming a Businessman"

by Gary M. Emerson

Burning Spring
by Joan K. Hayward

La Salle - De Nonville 250th Anniversary Celebration
July 10th, 1937: Program, Historical Narrative
by Alexander M. Stewart

Remembering The Genesee Valley Canal, Part IV
by Richard Palmer

Retracing the Route of the Sullivan Expedition Through Pennsylvania
Part V, "From Wilkes-Barre to Towanda"
by Thomas D. Cornell

The Morgan Hook and Ladder Company Building
A Restoration Project in Naples, New York
by Beth B. Flory

New York City / State TimelineTracing the years 1805, 1806
by David Minor

NSG Visits Bath's Museums: The Magee House and
the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Museum

by Donovan Shilling

NSG Visits Bloomfield's Museums: Antique Wireless Association
and the East Bloomfield Historical Society Museum

by Donovan Shilling

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