Summer 1999

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About the Summer 1999 Issue

Note from the Editors

Abigail Hackett was busy the summer of 1866 gardening, painting her kitchen, bedrooms and floors, washing and relaying carpets, and spinning whenever she had time. She made only three diary entries in August. George Dickey who has provided her journal lives near where she and her family lived on the Swale in southwestern Steuben County.

Bonnie Hawk Barney has supplied a typescript of William Whitfield's log of a cruise from Penn Yan to Hammondsport and back aboard his fast sailing Juno. She also provided a photograph taken of the boat with its crew and their guests on the lake. Bonnie Barney lives near Penn Yan. She is a sailor and has written a history of the Keuka Yacht Club. It is viewable at http://www. by clicking "History."

Scenes about the Glen Spring Hotel are included from chapter 9 of John Bassett's The Cardinal Sings Again: a Memoir of Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania. His parents were resident musicans at Glen Springs Hotel set on the hill above Watkins Glen. John Bassett joined with his parents and sister to entertain the guests at the health resort. He self-published his book and sells it for $7.95 plus $1.25 for postage. Send payment to John T. Bassett, 4905 Buffalo Drive, Stagecoach, NV 85429.

Thomas Cornell begins a new series of essays retracing the 1779 route of Sullivan's army through Pennsylvania on its way to New York. In this issue he describes a preliminary day trip to Geneva. Five more installments will describe the trip through Pennsylvania. Tom Cornell's most recent article in the CLR was "Grandma's Model-T Stories. " It was in Issue 107.

The second part of the Genesee Valley Canal series by Richard Palmer starts is in this issue. He has written many articles on transportation and New York life. He is a newspaper editor who enjoys finding accounts of events in old papers and using them in his stories. His article "The Battles of Sodus Point and Pulteneyville" appeared in Issue 104. Richard Palmer lives in Tully, NY.

David Minor continues with his story of Charles Williamson, the first agent of the Pulteney group investors. In this installment he tells of the German families who were brought over to build the road into the new country, and of their hard experiences, the misunderstandings, and the contentious feelings that arose between their leader Berczy and Williamson. These Germans have long been maligned in U.S. histories. They did, however, move on to Canada and settle successfully there. David Minor contributes to each issue year-by-year accounts of developments in New York from his broadcasts on WXXI-FM (91. 5) and from http://home.

Donovan Shilling who is Chronicler for the New Society of the Genesee describes the visit of society members to the Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia and on another Saturday to the Museum of Photography and Film that is connected with the George Eastman House located in Rochester. Don Shilling lives in Penfield, NY.

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