Winter 1997

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About this Issue

Notes from the Editors

Robert V. Anderson observes from old newspaper clippings of politicking in the 1830s that electioneering then was not too different from electioneering today. Robert Anderson lives in New Hartford, New York, and is professor emeritus of political science at Utica College, Syracuse University. His Election Stories, Including Granddad's Pole appeared in issue 92.

Grace Fenno describes her mother, Sarah Perry's, childhood. A copy of Miss Fenno's manuscript was furnished by Helena A. Howard with several newspaper clippings, the title page of a book by Sarah P. Fenno, and a picture of the Fenno home at Altay, in Schuyler County. Grace Ameigh, who is a grand niece of Sarah Perry Fenno supplied the picture and the caption information about the Altay Store, the pictures of Frank, Sarah, and Grace Fenno, and the 1874 map of Altay. Information also came from a newspaper account by Barbara Bell, and a book published by the Genesee Country Museum. The store part of the building has been restored and is a part of the Mumford, New York, museum.

Richard Palmer tells of the covered-wagon trip from Parker, Colorado, to Virgil, New York, that U. R. Caulkins and his wife and mother made in 1912. Dick Palmer lives in Tully, New York. His series about incidents at the battlefield of Gettysburg appeared in issues 96, 97 and 101.

This issue contains more stories by Floyd Greene about his childhood in Rogersville. His account has been supplied by his daughter, Mrs. George Kindig of Pittsford.

Beth Flory describes some of the inscriptions she saw on tombstones at Fairview Cemetery in Naples on an autumn visit there. Mrs. Flory is active in the Naples Historical Society and the restoration of the old firehouse in Naples.

Donovan Shilling reports on the two neighboring rail transportation museums near Scottsville. Members of the Society met September 15, 1996, at the New York Museum of Transportation and rode the rail cars for a visit to the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.

The next issue will feature transcriptions by Elizabeth Raymond from diaries begun in 1827 by Harriet and Sally Raymond, two sisters, who had moved with their family from Bully Hill in 1823 to the Ohio frontier. Mrs. Raymond is the great granddaughter of the sister's oldest brother, and her husband, Robert, is a great grandson of their brother Jepperson.

The next issue will also include a report by Donovan Shilling of the New Society of the Genesee's meeting November 2, 1996, at the Benjamin Patterson Inn, and more of F. G. Greene's autobiography.

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